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  • Hey! I love the plugin, but was wondering if it was possible to get the row of Buttons to toggle visibility with the Kitchen Sink? Embedding videos is certainly an advanced option and would help keep the area looking cleaner most of the time.

    Does anyone know how this might be done? Thanks!!

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  • Hi MadtownLems. It’s not supposed to do that. It’s conflicting with editor options in ways which are not typical for the Viper plugin. I’m also having the same problem with it but only on one of two sites I use it on. Both sites are WordPress Mu 2.8.6. The one which is running fine, uses Buddypress although I don’t believe BP is affecting it one way or the other. Strange.

    yes – i know it’s not *supposed* to do that, it was a hack / feature request post. Is there a better location for that?

    Does anyone know HOW to put additional toolbars into what is toggled by the kitchen sink button?

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are saying. I thought I was hearing you ask if the video buttons could be displayed in the visual portion of your kitchen sink. Typically it DOES do this. but for some reason, it is not doing this all of a sudden. It seems to be conflicting with something, even when all other plugins are disabled.

    Is THIS what you’re wanting it to do?

    k667 – ah, no, allow me to (try to) clarify…

    I am not experiencing that problem you posted.

    What I’d LIKE to experience is this:

    When you go to Add Page or Add Post, you should just see a single line toolbar of the basic buttons (none for Viper’s stuff.) When I click “Show Kitchen Sink,” I’d like both the standard advanced options to appear, AND viper’s buttons then.

    Basically, I’d like his buttons to appear with the other toolbar of Advanced Features, because embedding video is definitely an advanced feature. Does that make sense?

    Nothing is behaving incorrectly – just not behaving ideally.

    Thanks for taking the time k667.

    Settings -> Video Quicktags -> Advanced. Change the line number for the buttons to… 3? Maybe 2, I can’t remember.

    @viper: Thanks for responding, and that’s *a* way to accomplish this, but it gets to be a problem when we start using more and more plugins and then the Kitchen Sink row starts to overflow way off the side…. What I’d REALLY like is more toolbars being hidden/displayed with the Advanced Options button – not just jamming a ton more buttons into the one row that does.

    This thread suggests the feature I’m looking for. If you like it, upvote it please! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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