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  • Hello, I’d like to know if VVQ works with Wpmu?

    I dont have a test server at this moment so I cant do the testing on my own so I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

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  • Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    You might get a quicker and more definitive answer from Viper’s own forum for the plugin:

    Yes, it is. You can drop it in the mu-plugins folder, but just don’t put it in it’s vipers-video-quicktags subfolder.

    So you would put all the loose files into mu-plugins?

    I tried that and I don’t even see it listed on the plugin page.

    If I drop it into plugins I do see the plug and can activate but do not see anything in the editor.

    Turns out I just needed to clear the cache on my browser after activating.

    The plugin definitely appears to work fine if you drag the entire folder into plugins though.

    Maybe its just me.

    You only need to not have it in it’s own folder if you want it to auto-activate for all blogs. That’s what the /mu-plugins/ folder is for. They are force loaded rather than letting the user choose. If it’s in it’s old folder, I don’t believe WPMU will use it. You can check it’s working by looking for it’s options page.

    And I forgot to mention you’ll need to tweak the plugin slightly if you go that route to adjust it’s internal path (so it knows where it is). There’s a variable at the top and also at the very bottom if you’re running 5.4.3.

    You shouldn’t need any modifications for the /plugins/ folder though.

    Ah thanks, I’ll go the /plugin/ route since I dont want the script called all the time. I’ll let users activate it themself.


    I dropped the folder into the /mu-plugins/ folder but took a copy of the main plugin file to put directly into the /mu-plugins/ folder and then altered the plugin paths in that main file for the new destinations. Works like a dream on WPMU 1.5! Thanks Viper!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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