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    See if your theme has wp_footer action in the footer. It is required for many plugins:

    Hi PoseLab –
    Yes I already have the wp_footer action in the footer. Any other ideas? (scratch head)

    Here is the end of my footer.php

    echo ”;

    <div id=”pattern_overlay”></div>

    </div> <!– #wrapper –>
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>


    Been about a week so I figured I would see if there was anything else I could try. I really like this plugin and don’t want to end up having to use another one.

    Again when I preview the page everything looks fine. Its just after its published and viewed live on the site that the thumbs disappear.

    Thanks ahead for all of your help!!/video-2/


    Update since my last post earlier. I have tried to use shortcode instead of the widget. You can see it live on the site. The thumbs sort of show up but are all out of whack!

    Here is the shortcode I used:

    [Vimeo_Channel_Gallery user=”user13859756″ maxitems=”20″ color=”fff” videowidth=”660″ thumbwidth=”210″ thumbcolumns=”3″]

    Plugin Author PoseLab


    The CSS of your theme is overwriting the styles of the plugin. I will modify the CSS of the plugin in order to avoid this in the next release.

    PoseLab – Thanks for the info. That would be great. Any idea when that release will be? Not trying to rush you… just wondering if I should look to go another direction until then.

    Some info on the theme that I have discovered with this issue:

    Theme is Ajax enabled for animations.
    Your plugin works when visiting this link:

    But when ajax is added ” /#!/ ” in the URL is where the issue comes about. Seen here:!/?page_id=898

    Again, please let me know if you have any idea of a time frame. I am building this page for a friend and want to give him a timeline.


    Sorry. I messed up my links in the above post.

    Plugin works here:

    But with /#!/ (ajax) it doesnt:!/?page_id=898

    Plugin Author PoseLab



    I think you’ve deleted the plugin from your site. I’d like to solve this problem

    Hi PoseLab – Sorry about that. I had to go with another plug-in in the meantime but would still rather use yours. I have setup a copy of my video page for you to test here:!/video-2/

    Again this page looks perfect in preview… but as soon as it goes live with the “/#!” ajax it goes nuts.

    Please let me know anything else you need.


    Plugin Author PoseLab


    Hi corradokid05

    I have reviewed the code of your WordPress theme and I can not solve anything from my plugin because it is a problem of your WordPress theme. You should contact Elegant Themes.

    A user says the following about the GLEAM theme in this forum of WordPress:

    “BUT in my case I had bought the GLEAM theme which is a nice theme, but is not compatible with a (lot) of wordpress plugins! That is confirmed by Elegant themes… So it’s a pitty.”


    Is there any way to show all thumbnails?

    We are using this plugin on and there are over 60 videos on the vimeo channel but only 25 show up then the link to see more. We would like them all to show without the ‘Show more videos>>’ link.

    Currently set to show 100 videos thumbnail size 64 and 8 columns…

    Thanks for you help.

    Plugin Author PoseLab


    Hi webtechmike

    This version of the plugin can only display a maximum of 25 videos

    I guess, that Vimeo CHANGED their embed code to share videos.
    Only their OLD and NOT-supported code available, alas!
    What d’you think about this issue? 🙂
    Could it repairable?

    Cheers and thanks for any help,

    I am having the same problem. When the page is pulled up I see one big video and many little yellow dots under it where the thumbnails should be. If I refresh my page the yellow dots will go away and the thumbnails appear. Can you tell me how to fix this?

    You can see it on all three of my pages that use it

    Thank you

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