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  • Any luck with this? Is there another way to stream a wowza webcast on a wordpress site?

    I wound up installing Pari Passu (for iPhone/iPad/iPod streaming) — you have to tell it to use the playlist file (m3u8). Unfortunately, Pari Passu won’t do flash streaming if you tell it to also use the RTMP mp4 address from wowza (as in, if you put them both in, it tries to stream mp4 from wowza inside the flash player, which obviously doesn’t work.) In order to get the flash streaming working (for desktops and non-iDevices) I also installed JWPlayer; then you’ve got to add the media URL (rtmp://your.server.tld:1935/stream-address) as an uploaded media and “Insert JWPlayer into Post”; this will add the short-tag [jwplayer mediaid=xxx] (where xxx is a number) into your post. As far as I know, inserting it into a post is the only way to get that mediaid number and without it, the shorttag won’t work.

    I haven’t figured out a way to get both pari passu and jwplayer on the same page elegantly (ie, you can put them both in the same post/page using the short-tag in the post ([pari passu] and [jwplayer mediaid=XXX]), but only one of them will work, depending on which device you’re viewing from; the other one will break or just not display.) I know you can tweak this on the server side by detecting which browser is viewing the page and redirecting as appropriate but I’ve been too lazy to actually implement this so I wound up making two posts with the note “this is our streaming flash page, if you want our stream optimized for iPhones and other mobile devices, please go to our other page at URL http://whatever.url.etc

    Hmmmmmmmm…. I would assume (and I could be wrong) that the majority of people will be looking via computer and not iphone/ipad. I have both and I would definitely go to my computer to watch something stream live. But I’m sure there are those that do. But if I had a choice of one, JWPlayer would be mine. I’ve been talking to a guy that seems to be a specialist with this. He might be able to help you. Not sure. Send me a private message if you’d like.

    The site I set up was for a conference and the metrics on the rest of the site indicated a heavy iPhone audience, so I need both. jWPlayer actually works fine in my setup, but flash and iPhones do not mix well so hence the need for pari passu.



    Hi yukbon,

    I am trying to setup Pari Passu to work with a dev Wowza setup. I am able to setup videowhisper but I also need Pari Passu for my iOS audience. What URLs and fallback did you use in your setup. I tried configuring my RTMP Server with rtmp:// but I get nothing. I simply want to setup two address that will server flash and JWplayers.



    I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    Plugin Author videowhisper


    Usually php errors are related to this requirement (needed because plugin passes a lot of parameters to flash application with short open tags):
    short_open_tag On

    Read more about requirements on:

    If you don’t manage to fix it, submit installation url in a ticket for VideoWhisper staff to check.

    ccowell, pari passu appeared to work properly but the stream would drop after the initial setup. I wound up using the Wowza mp4 file as a stream for my site setup.

    I’m getting same error, and setting php short tag on didn’t fix. What else do I need to do? I set up red5 with port 5080 and as ip address.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-live-streaming-integration/videowhisper_streaming.php on line 326

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