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    (@wordpresschina) has been blocked from China for many years. Nothing will change that. However, Videopress is not, and probably will never be blocked because it is a paid service.

    I just paid for and started using Videopress for a website I help advise on in China. Videopress is fantastic and easy-to-use. However it has one fatal flaw for both using it from China and potentially using it from any company firewall or location that blocks access to

    The flaw is that to use it from my own self-hosted blog, it must authenticate via the domain. That is bad. That means it is inaccessible unless using a VPN.

    I do not mean the initial subscription and linking to — that is fine and understandable and can be done with a VPN. However, after we buy the service, and we try to drop video files in the Media Upload area on the Post creation screen, that iframe authenticates with

    There is a good, fast solution:
    Authenticate using a different domain name by using a domain alias. I would gladly pay for the next 10 years of domain name registration for WP to buy a new domain for itself on which to authenticate. Or waht about a subdomain like that is an alias of

    And there are perhaps other great solutions the community here can suggest to VideoPress. I do not want a refund on the money I paid for at VideoPress; install I want this to be a more-flexible product.

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  • Good to know.

    So as long as I can upload videos, my blog readers in China can view the videos no problem, right?



    they should be able to view the videos on your site if your site is not blocked and you are using videopress 🙂

    For example, if you host with your site is blocked. And if you use some other blog-friendly hosts, your site may be blocked. Lots of info online about which companies are good or not.



    I am not so happy. Videopress’ documentation and pre-sales data are sparse. However, I trusted it because it is part of WP. Otherwise, it does look a little fly-by-night because it lacks a lot of pre-sales info.

    Case in point: I never expected that the “Videopress” logo could not be removed. I assumed (as a past Vimeo client) that it would be unbranded if I paid for Videopress. Now that I am using it and unhappy about the logo, I find on lots of areas that it is impossible to remove the logo. I would gladly pay MORE to remove it — these videos are going on sites that should be unbranded from VideoPress.

    Any ideas when this will be removed?



    Does WordPress not monitor this forum for their PAID Videopress? Some good questions have been posited here in recent months at it seems the developers are not providing customer support to this PAID service.

    Hi all,

    I was beginning to think that videopress was the answer to my prayers. I’ve built a self hosted wordpress site for my team that they can log in and view videos on a post. I want them only to be able to view the video if they are logged in.. For this I’ve been using vimeo pro and allowing access to my domain. This has been working pretty well for me.. Apart from the cost of €159 a year and having to use 2 bits of software..

    I thought that videopress would give me an all in one package where I could just upload the videos through wordpress and store them securely with video press.. Looks like though this will not work for iOS devices as it uses flash to secure them.

    I see in the changelog for videopress plugin that in version 1.5.3 they have Added support for playing un-shared videos on iOS and other Flash-free devices. This can be disable if stronger protection from downloading is required.

    Has anyone on this version tested this on an iOS device or is it going to cost me the price of the plugin to find out.. It is a big enough investment for me.. I would happily pay it if I knew it was going to work.


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