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  • here are a few unwanted behaviours or missing features,
    I am using google chrome (latest beta) and WP3.0-beta2

    1) you are not able to edit the description of a field once it was created.

    2) When inserting for the first time values for select boxes, and probably other elements, While it´s nice to have the “click here to add a comma separated list of values… (hit enter to save)” message explaining how it works, I dont think it should be there in the input box when you click on it,.. as I have to select everything and hit delete.

    3) This is not a bug: when choosing a “field name” I chose something_like_this, i think it should be clear that this will be converted, or maybe set up a title box. i know it is one more field, but it was not clear to me that field name will becmoe title, and the actual field name will be converted from this field. i thoght Description was the TITLE of the field.

    That´s it for now, i will try to contribute with more ideas as i get used to this plugin

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  • 4. When creating a text field with a field name with an accentuated vowel, like “Función” the ó gets replaced with “??” in the field_key like: “funci??n”. when it shold be “funcion”. The Title looks fine, but the key is wrong.

    This plugin made me loose my data!!!
    I was using plain custom fields before using this plugin,
    I created a box that used this same field_key, as i wanted to use the new interface.
    then, since i couldnt update the Descriptiong fields, i decided to remove the box and start again
    what happened,
    the plugin said, oh.. are we removing the box /or a field,let´s remove all the meta data associated to the posts for these fields.. and removed everything!
    Why would you do that.

    i know , you say that in your alert box, but most of the time when you try to delete something you get a confirmation box, which i didnt read and hit ok!
    also, if you create box and use an existing name, like it happened to me , why wouldt i be able to delete the box without loosing the data.

    6. This is related to bug #4,
    When uploading files with non-standard characters, like publicación.txt
    the link stored in the db, and the real file will be different, thus, links wont work.

    another bug,

    change line 304,

    there was no way to set 12 Noon, hours should go from 1-12 not from 0-11

    Im having issues similar to #4…i type “Project Description” into field name but on the post it shows up as “project_description”

    any ideas why? am i missing something?

    Hi wjm, I wrote up a post that points out a work around for 1 and 5. Depends how willing you are to tinker in your database. I didn’t cover it in great detail. My overall point was in addressing the method which you’d convert existing custom fields to be used inside Verve Meta Boxes. Which is pretty straight forward. Just wish it was mentioned somewhere. It could probably be added easily as #7 for an additional improvement here.

    Despite everything here I’m still pretty happy with it as is though :).

    Can I create multiple text fields with the same custom key value?

    WordPress allows to add multiple values to a custom key, but if i add multiple text fields inside Verve Meta Boxes the plugin will generate a distinct unique key for each text field…

    Any ideas?

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