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  • I am using the Porto theme from SpyroPress. The theme requires the Envato purchase verification code (and Envato user name) to validate the theme use.

    I believe my issue (and potential solution) will apply to any SpyroPress theme and/or any plugin that “verifies” based on codes entered somewhere in Admin.

    When my site is not using SSL, the verification works and all of the SpyroPress features work fine. When I install and activate WordPress HTTPS, things appear to be fine within the Admin panel, but when I start checking any page that uses a SpyroPress feature, the pages are effectively blank (no SpyroPress content, partial header/footer)… and then I get booted out of the Admin panel.

    Each time when I get logged back in as Admin, the verification code and info is blank. This loop of entering codes, partial functioning, booted out occurs fairly frequently (5-7 minutes max).

    The SpyroPress team is potentially in a death spiral (or working on something?) since they aren’t responding to any forum requests in the past 10 days.

    I’m guessing that the verification is probably capturing the non-SSL URL, and then immediately tries to go back and verify with some frequency and can’t connect.

    I’m afraid of going all SSL across the whole site (it just isn’t necessary), but I might have to test this to see if my theory is correct. If the entire site is SSL, perhaps the SpyroPress validation will work.

    I would drop the SpyroPress Porto theme if I had the time to re-code or code around their features… but I don’t have that much time. I would like to get the appropriate pages running SSL, but I can’t without blowing up a lot of other pages.

    Sorry for the long message, but I’m hoping there are other SpyroPress theme users out there who are already successfully using WordPress HTTPS and have found a solution and can share… or someone with a knowledgeable answer (not guesses that I have to test and risk really screwing something up – I do not need to be locked out of my own site)

    Looking forward to some replies and hopefully a solution.

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  • I’m having this exact same problem, but didn’t know HTTPS was causing it. I submitted a support ticket to spyropress as well, but I’ve given up on getting a response.

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