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  • Hi Velvet Blues
    Great plugin, helped me a lot!
    The only thing I’m missing (or I did something wrong ….): strings in wp_options don’t get updated. The symptom I see is that widget contents, which are stored in the wp_options, are not updated, although they where containing strings, that I entered as “Old URL’s”. I.e. miss-typing can’t be the problem. In fact at all other occurances of those strings where properly exchanged.

    Is the content of wp_options being altered by your plugin?

    Thanks Frank

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  • Plugin Author


    Hi Frank,

    No, the plugin doesn’t update wp_options. But you can easily do that yourself by going to the General settings page when you are ready to make the final switch to a new folder or domain.

    Hi Velvet Blues
    How would I do this? Are you speaking about the Genral settings WordPress address (URL) and/or Site address (URL) ?
    I am using tools like yours to make a replica of my productive page, e.g. for testing new themes or plugins on the replica without affecting the productive site. Later on, if everything goes well, I can still consider to make the testpage the productive page (e.g. by using your tool and altering the above mentioned URLs) or to apply the changes to the productive page. But in a first step I leave the productive page untouched.
    If your tool would alter the wp_options as well, it would do a 100% job in terms of functionality of the replica.
    May be it would be worth considering this …
    Thanks a lot for your very much appreciated tool and support.



    Yes, I think oit woudl be great (even if a bit fangerous) to have wp_options updated too!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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