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  • Plugin Author WPReady


    The plugin currently is down due insecurity reasons.
    When the plugin is fixed it will be up.
    Our apoligies for the delay.

    ?? ??
    looks fine from where I am sitting 🙂

    Plugin Author WPReady


    Nextcellent is different from NextGen…

    Any ETA on the fix WPReady?

    any updates?

    We would like to know, should we migrate to another plugin? If the plugin is insecure, we need information and we act upon that. Of course we would like an update, but if we don’t get it, we need to move to another plugins.

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    I agree with previous messages. We are all unaware of whether this plug-in will be updated. If yes, then when? Your plugin makes fewer requests to the database and therefore the page is generated much faster than when using Nextgen Gallery 2. But if the security problem is unlikely to be resolved within a reasonable time, I will need to switch on NG2. Please let us know if there will be an security update…

    Any news on NextCellent?

    I’ve been having a few problems but worked around it by only using shortcodes and single pictures. I was waiting (hoping) for an update.

    What is happening? I’ve just NextCellent on several sites with thousands of pictures.

    Apparently we’re all now looking for an alternative to Nextgen AND Nextcellent.

    It’s been 3 months since the developer last replied, and there’s nothing anywhere online (that I can find) of another fork or whatever.

    This was SUCH a nice little stable gallery plug-in, and like many other people I have it running on several websites.

    Very sad to see this one vanish from the WP plug-in repository, and apparently (judging by the lack of developer response) gone for good…


    We really count on you to find a solution as quick as possible.

    Have a nice day,


    I hope it comes back 🙁

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    Thanks Nosferatuvn but that is another plugin. NextCellent is a fork of the old NextGen. Some of us prefer it for different reasons.

    Plugin Author WPReady


    Hi there, this is the current Nextcellent status:
    I’ve added few fixes needed for running Nextcellent with the last WordPress version.
    Also I’m fixing several vulnerabilities, some of them VERY serious. WordPress reviewers were very kind pointing me the issues so far. Some (minor) functionality will be cut in the next version in order of getting the release working properly.

    Finally, every time I found a vulnerabilty, I’m ending up finding more things to fix, making this release painful to finish.

    I’ve been promising a new version July 1st, but it will take two or three days more. My apologies for the delay. Stay tuned!


    It’s a very good news.
    Nice to read you.


    Good news indeed, if true. I recall a similar post in December 2016, so will hold my breathe with some hope and see what happens this week.

    I’ve been experimenting with moving back to NextGen Gallery but have found that NextCellent and NextGen appear to handle custom sized (array) featured thumbnail images in a different way, which means images added under NextCellent like this “the_post_thumbnail( array(330, 400) );” won’t display when you re-enable NextGen (I’d have to manually re-apply the featured images to thousands of posts in order to overcome this).

    However otherwise NextGen does now handle featured images properly, including WPs new auto-resizing codes for responsive design, which is something that NextCellent doesn’t seem able to do. Still I’d rather keep using NextCellent as it’s both faster and more lightweight for my server.

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