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    when I activate the like button in the settings, it sets it under individual posts but also unintentionally to a text-widget where I linked a picture to facebook.
    but I want the button just under the contributory

    <div id="right-sidebar"><aside id="search-2" class="widget widget_search"> … </aside><aside id="text-2" class="widget widget_text"><div class="textwidget"><p> … </p>
    <div class="fb-like fb_edge_widget_with_comment fb_iframe_widget" data-font="segoe ui" data-show-faces="false" data-width="150" data-send="false" data-href="" fb-xfbml-state="rendered"><span style="height: 28px; width: 225px;">
    <iframe id="f1caf37044793e2" class="fb_ltr" scrolling="no" name="f213ab2ac2edc2e" style="border: medium none; overflow: hidden; height: 28px; width: 225px;" title="Like this content on Facebook." src="">#document<!DOCTYPE html><html id="facebook" class="" lang="de"><head> … </head>
    <body class="plugin gecko win Locale_de_DE"><div class="_li"><div class="pluginSkinLight pluginFontSegoe"><div><table id="u_0_0" class="uiGrid pluginConnectButtonLayoutRoot" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="width: 225px;"><tbody><tr><td class="vTop hCent"><div><form id="u_0_1" onsubmit="return window.Event && Event.__inlineSubmit && Event.__inlineSubmit(this,event)" action="/plugins/like/disconnect" method="post" ajaxify="/plugins/like/disconnect" rel="async">
    <input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" value="AQBf6dcW" name="fb_dtsg"></input><input type="hidden" value="" name="href" autocomplete="off"></input><input type="hidden" value="like" name="action" autocomplete="off"></input><input type="hidden" name="nobootload" autocomplete="off"></input>
    <input type="hidden" value="" name="iframe_referer" autocomplete="off"></input>
    <input type="hidden" name="ref" autocomplete="off"></input><div class="pluginConnectButton"><div class="pluginButton pluginButtonInline pluginConnectButtonDisconnected hidden_elem" title=""> … </div>
    <div class="pluginButton pluginButtonPressed pluginButtonInline pluginButtonX pluginConnectButtonConnected" title=""> … </div></div></form></div></td><td class="pls" style="width: 90%"><div class="uiIconText" style="padding-left: 19px;"><i class="img sp_like sx_like_fav" style="top: 0px;"></i><span id="u_0_2"> … </span><span id="u_0_3" class="hidden_elem"> … </span></div></td></tr></tbody></table><div id="u_0_8" class="_56zz hidden_elem _56z-"></div><script> … </script></div></div></div><script> … </script><script> … </script></body></html></iframe></span></div><p> … </p></div></aside></div></div>
          <!-- conttainer -->

    thx for help

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  • I guess the text-widget is from another plugin and realized using a custom post type, if so, see the FAQ, question U34 (this also applies to the like button).

    For your next support question or follow up on this question, please go here:

    THX for your help, but it did not work in my case.
    But i think theres a bug with the plugin members only and i got it solved.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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