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  • Firstly, GREAT plugin! I didn’t know I needed this until I found it!

    Anyway, a question. I was under the impression that a CSV file was comma separated and not semi-colon? Does mean that I have to save the file, change the extension to txt and them import it into my spreadsheet program that way.

    Can I change to comma separated output and if so how?

    Second, a suggestion. If you are looking to develop this plugin further, may I suggest that you allow the export fields to be defined? I only need first name, last name and email address. It may be useful to allow a user defined field so that I can tag the source of the list (ie. blog 1, blog 2, etc)


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  • edit wp-content/plugins/users-to-csv/users2csv.php

    and change line 194 from…

    $sep = “;“;


    $sep = “,“;

    I created a similiar CSV plugin but it is CSV to POST.

    I put it together this week and going to make some serious updates to it so that it does anything CSV+WORDPRESS. I’ve seen CSV to USERS alot, is this in big demand then? Why are people exporting user data as CSV file, is this how they are backing it up I guess?

    My plugin is here, hopefully by the time someone else finds this my plugin also does user data but right now it does ANY CSV file TO post without editing the CSV file…

    Thanks for the help, works much better in excel!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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