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    I’m currently testing the free version of this plugin and plan to purchase the pro version, but I have one technical hitch. I am willing to put in some time / elbow-grease to get this working, but I’d like to see if you’ve thought of it or plan to implement at any point already.

    I’ve got a multisite installation, with a diversity of authors running their own blogs. To start using this tool, I’d like to create a single, unified feedback mechanism for the whole site, so I can manage the flow of feedback without bugging all these bloggers. Over time, I want to provide these mechanisms to any blogger that will find it useful. I can see this working in many ways, with different levels of complexity. The particular use cases I’m thinking of are:

    • With WP Multisite, if I “network enable” Usernoise, I would like to be given a setting to select whether I want to manage feedback across ALL sites (simply use the db for the primary blog, but display that same feedback form on every other network blog).
      • Secondarily, whether the bloggers see this feedback or not is another potential option. I could imagine either case being useful
      • Also, if an individual blog has the plugin enabled (not simply network enabled), then it runs its own instance of the feedback mechanism, subverting the global feedback.
    • OR, simply intervene at the display layer. If I enable Usernoise on the primary blog, and since all of my blogs use the same theme and header, I could display that same feedback tab on every other blog. The bloggers would not see the feedback in this case. Then, I could also choose to write conditionals depending on which blogs want to run their own feedback mechanisms
    • OR, at the very least, if I “network enable” Usernoise in WordPress Multisite, it would be convenient to be provided an option to enable feedback across all blogs (since this setting needs to be set before using the plugin).

    Thanks for any thoughts or news!

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  • Plugin Author karevn


    I am not planning to include this feature in nearest future. The reason is that WP database structure is designed in such a way that implementing this thing will require almost all the database code to be rewritten. The demand for this feature is not high enough to make such an investment currently.

    Sounds fair.

    What about interventions at the display layer? It seems you could get pretty close with switch_to_blog() in the right places. I haven’t worked very much with an ajax wordpress plugin before, so let me know what I’m missing. It seems the content is stored as a custom post type, and a simple registration with the header displays the button and allows a few ajax calls. switch_to_blog only changes the db, not the cache, and not loaded plugins, but is the db enough? Either way, this may be changing:

    Do any of the recent developments listed here seem relevant in terms of making the necessary contextual (cache) changes this feature would require:

    One other approach is to simply create a multisite admin interface that allows for a global-level view of usernoise feedback. That may be a sufficient solution. Even if it is merely read-only with each item as a link to the particular blog’s admin usernoise interface.

    Are any usernoise users using multisite, have any expressed interest in multisite features?

    Well add another user to the list of those that want a global multisite feedback system. Exactly what I was coming here to search for….

    Or at the very least, I would like the ability to assign certain questions, feedback, praise, etc to a global table.

    My site is setup so each section is on its own subdomain, ‘local news, world news, sports, etc’… Users get confused when they can’t find their feedback between the different sites.

    Thanks for the note Anointed, this is precisely the scenario I wish to avoid.

    It seems to make a lot of sense to use a basic global interface, whether it is read-only or not.

    Additionally, to make a read-only interface more helpful, perhaps an import/export/move mechanism to shuffle feedback posts between sites.

    Plugin Author karevn


    Guys, all you said above makes sense, but WordPress creates a separate table set per each network site. With such a structure, it is really difficult and slow to select a “global” table of feedback, because WP API does not support that. That is why this feature is suspended for now.

    Thanks for the follow-up karevn.

    Fair, I think an initial compromise solution might be a wp-admin interface merely for site admins to see a paginated list of feedback reported across all network blogs. It seems to me this should be fairly low-intensity.

    In the future, it makes sense to make a proper “network” table, as a global.

    You can also look at the approach provided by Sitewide Tags for an aggregate solution:

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