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  • Hi Joel,

    This plugin is pretty close to what I need, but the whitelisting and user-deletion don’t seem to be working properly. I’m running multisite.

    My users typically don’t comment, and don’t log in often. I have them registering in order to enter their companies a custom adverting interface I built. So when they register and pay, I whitelist the user name.

    It seems that user-spam-remover is killing off their ability to log in, though from what I can see it’s not removing anyone’s wp-user or wp-usermeta data, including the registration spammers. I created a test registration a couple of days ago, with a 2-day delete period set, and that test user can’t log in, doesn’t show up in the wp-admin/users interface, but is still there in wp-user and wp-usermeta.

    It seems that they’re not being attached to any particular site. I don’t know if that’s a function of your plugin or of WP in general. If I create the user via the Admin, they’re attached to whichever site’s admin page I create them with.

    I’m about to launch an initiative to get more (real) users, and I’d like to get this figured out before I do that.

    Thanks for any insights you might have.

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  • Update:

    It appears that self-registered users are not getting wp_capabilities or primary_blog set in wp_usermeta on multisite installations.

    Because I have all users registered through the same primary blog, I should be seeing:

    wp_capabilities a:1:{s:10:”subscriber”;s:1:”1″;}
    primary_blog 1

    Other multisite setups will likely allow users to register on other blogs, so you’d need to make allowances for those meta keys to be in the form wp_#_capabilities where # is the blog id, and the primary_blog meta key to be set to the corresponding blog id.

    Let me know what I can do to make this work on my installation.


    Plugin Author joelhardi


    Sorry for the late reply, I don’t check this forum often.

    I haven’t developed or tested the plugin with multisite in mind, but I’ll take a look at what it would entail to make it multisite-compatible. (Personally I do not use/recommend multisite for security reasons.)

    User Spam Remover shouldn’t be deleting any database rows in wp_usermeta for users you have whitelisted. Have you verified that these missing usermeta rows (wp_capabilities and primary_blog) are being created in the database in the first place? And that USR is actually deleting them (i.e. they show up in USR’s SQL backup log)?

    If you can reproduce that USR is actually deleting usermeta records from users that are supposed to be whitelisted, that would help a lot to trace whether there is actually a bug here or it’s just something else with your setup.

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