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    Just pushed up version 0.2 and it’s available for download now. Basically, just a few minor, non-critical improvements.

    As far as upgrade instructions go, there’s nothing special you have to do. I added a note on the project page to that effect — basically, just upgrade through the WordPress backend, or download the new version and replace the old files with the new ones. If your logs are in the same directory as the plugin, be sure not to delete your log files!

    There’s no critical reason to upgrade, but no particular reason not to, either.

    I’ll copy/paste from the changelog:


    • Fixed weird edge case where no usermeta records exist for a given user. Before: this caused user removal to abort and an error message to be logged. Now: any such users are deleted.
    • Added nonce checking to “Remove now” button on admin page.
    • Slight code refactor to remove buried strings.
    • Cosmetic change to log strings so plural “s” not added to singular words

    #1 is a rare edge case — WordPress always creates user records with usermeta records, but it’s (remotely) possible that if your MySQL server crashes or (more likely) that if you’ve been manually hacking away at your database with SQL queries, you might end up erasing all the usermeta records for a given user. This fix ensures that a user whose usermeta records are missing is deleted anyway when the time comes.

    #2 is just a WordPress best practice. In this case, from both vulnerability and threat perspectives the improvement is minor. (No one is going to CSRF the “Remove now” button and, even if they were to, the only result would be running the user removal job you’ve already configured.)

    #3 and #4 are self-explanatory and trivial.

    Future plans

    Sorry if a second release just days after the initial one bugs you, but these were some minor things that cropped up testing the release branch.

    At this point, there are no other bug reports or issues pending, so I’d really appreciate any feedback (good or bad) if you’ve got it.

    Right now I’d like to let the plugin settle in and develop a user base (or not), before developing any big crazy new features. So, for the most part what I’m looking for now are bug reports, which I’ll tackle promptly as they come up. Of course, feature ideas are welcome as well.

    Feel free to file them here or, to get them read faster, as comments on the project page.

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