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    Hi Vladimir,
    I need to upgrade my friend’s blog from v2.9.2 to wordpress 3.1.
    I’m using there the excellent plugin “role manager” which hasn’t been updated for ages. So I’m thinking of changing over to yours.
    The whole site is going to be turned into a multi-site as well.

    My main issue is that (as stated in the role manager’s page) the roles the capabilities given by that plugin DO still stand as permanent in the database even after the plugin is disabled or deleted. Actually this is nice, because I don’t want to lose neither the capabilities nor my existing roles.
    But I want them TRANSFERED over to your plugin. So.

    If I were to use your plugin, would it pick up the roles, capabilities and rest of settings I have implemented so far with role manager?
    Are there some steps that I should follow to insure compatibility and transition and what would those be?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m very keen on using your plugin since it seems to be the best one around – and believe me, I did look around.

    Thank you in advance for your time, help and advice.

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia



    I’m sorry for missing you message.
    Generally if Role Manager stores it roles and capabilities in the same place as WP does RM and URE plugins should be compatible, as URE use built-in WP roles and capabilities storage.
    Please let me know if you still need some information from me. I could take a look inside RM source code and give you more exact information then.

    Thank you for the reply Vladimir.

    I could use some more info. As I said before I would like to change RM with URE and still not mess things up since I am changing the existing live db to a multisite. I could look up in my db and provide you with the necessary info (if that would be of any help).
    Furthermore could you please see how I could turn the existing roles to work sitewide? Would I just have to tick the “apply to all sites”?

    Thanx again

    And since we are on the subject. Have you seen this other plugin?
    Extended Super Admins
    Do User Role Editor and Extended Super Admins work well together?
    Could you please have a look at their source code as well?

    Thank you

    I just realized I did NOT put the link for “Role Manager by Thomas Schneider” in my previous posts. So here it is:

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    “Role Manager by Thomas Schneider” users standard WordPress role and capabilities management API. Thus, any changes it made should be fully available through “User Role Editor” interface. I checked on the test site and saw as changes from “Role Manager” under URE, as URE changes under “Role Manager”.

    Yes, to extend the existing roles sitewide with URE help you need to go through the roles list (role by role) and press ‘Update’ with ‘Apply to all sites’ checkbox turned on. Remember that new created sub-blog will have the default WordPress roles only and roles replications for new subblogs should be made manually.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Extended Super Admins – as it uses the same standard WordPress API to work with roles and capabilities it should be compatible with URE. Conclusion is made after quick looking to the source code. I didn’t make any tests either.

    Extended Super Admins only deals with “Site Admins” (the users that have powers over the entire network). It performs a function completely separate from the actions Role Manager has.

    Thank you both for the replies.
    I will test them and give you the results (if anything goes wrong). If you have anything else to add please do.

    In the meantime I mark this topic resolved.
    Thank you once more.

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