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  • Hi,

    In 8 days there have been 4 updates. I understand the initial security update, but the last three changes have been to fix German, Persian, and Polish translations.

    Please roll up these translation fixes and do them all at once rather than continuing to inconvenience users of your plug-in. If there’s another update in the next month, I am going to check the change log; unnecessary update = uninstall plugin.



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  • @timelessfinance you are so funny noob. Come on – uninstall plugin 🙂

    Like I said: if there’s another unnecessary update within the month I will.

    I guess your English comprehension is as bad as your plugin programming.

    Sorry the world doesn’t speak Polish, English n00b.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Hi Joe,

    Plugin is free. That is you have the same free choice to use it or not. More over you have a lot of alternatives to select.

    It’s good to read changelog always. If it is nothing critical or useful for you in this release – ignore update. Not all the world speaks English. It’s reality. So why Polish or German users should wait a month for their translation updates?


    Again, four updates in eight days. That just speaks to poor roll-out/version control. Who says they need to wait a month? It could have been all been done 1 week after the original.

    In the mean time, the massive Polish and German demographic that apparently uses your plugin wouldn’t have wilted. You see, there’s this miraculous company called “Google” that offers translation by way of their plugin (no, they probably won’t roll out 4 updates in 8 days for their plugin).

    Also, considering this plugin’s history of MySQL injection vulnerabilities, you’re right that I should probably consider an alternative. But I’m still waiting to see if there’s another update in the next 25 days and, in turn, whether it’s useless or valuable.

    This is a great plugin and Vladimir is always willing to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

    If you don’t like it, uninstall the plugin and find a new one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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