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  • No matter the capabilities that I choose, be it just the theme ones or all of them, I cannot give another role other than superadmin the abilities to edit themes.

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Your custom role should have ‘edit_themes’ and ‘switch_themes’ or ‘edit_theme_options’ capabilities. Without one of two last capabilities you will not see the “Appearance” submenu under which the “Editor” menu is placed.
    Experiment with your new role. Add or remove new capabilities one by one and check what is changed. Install “User switching” plugin and switch from admin to the other user and back easy with a couple of mouse click without going again through login process.

    I believe what Grezes is trying to say is that he or she has a custom theme for wordpress (like a theme from Themeforest for instance).

    The custom themes usually have their own little admin section (mine does at least) with its own drop down tab on the side (here is what I mean: Picture of my Dashboard sidebar) and for some reason when I pick the ‘edit_themes’ and ‘switch_themes’ or ‘edit_theme_options’, it doesn’t appear. It’s literally the only thing I want to appear for a certain user but it just won’t show up. Is there anything I can do to correct this issue I am having (or possibly anyone else with a custom theme)?

    Other than that, this plugin is amazing and I love its functionality.

    I am not using a custom theme; I am using twenty-ten. I have selected all the options for my “SuperEditor” role except role management and level 10. Here is an image role image. But unfortunately the user I have assigned to the SuperEditor role is not allowed to edit themes still. The “Editor” link under Appearances does not appear for this user Menu image. Thanks for your help and thanks for the user switching plug-in suggestion.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Try to change the role of your user with “SuperEditor” role back to the “Subscriber” for example. Save the changes. Then change his role to the “SuperEditor” again. Try to see if he see the “Editor” link then.
    It is the fact that if you change role after you assigned it to the user, use will not have new capabilities. WordPress stores user capabilities on per user basis, does not retrive it from role.

    I tried your suggestion and that did not work. I also created a new user then assigned it to the SuperEditor role with the edit theme options. That did not work as well.

    I do not know how my installation of WP 3.0.4 is different. The last upgrade I preformed was using WP’s built-in update process.

    I installed WordPress 3.0.4 into a new instance and a fresh database. I then installed User Role Editor, created a new “SuperEditor” role and applied it to a new user. This worked as expected. The new user was granted the right to edit themes.

    Then I enabled the Multisite option in WordPress. The “Editor” link disappeared from the Appearances category. I tried changing the role of the new user to subscriber then back to SuperEditor but still the ability to edit themes is not available. When I removed the multisite configuration options from wp-config.php, the Editor link reappears.

    I conclude that URE does not support multisite environments which kind of defeats the purpose of using this plug-in to give limited super administrator access to administrators.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    You wrote about right facts. But let me do not agree with your conclusion. It is the strategy which WordPress developers selected – only network superadmin can edit themes under the multi-site configuration.
    I tested that under WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate 3.
    Just try it with your mult-site superadmin user and check the ‘Appearance’ menu under ‘Site Admin’. You will not see the ‘Editor’ menu item there, inspite of you have the superadmin rights. The ‘Editor’ menu item moved to the ‘Network Admin’ dashboard ‘Themes’ submenu under the multi-site configuration. It is included into the separate file ‘wp-admin/network/menu.php’ only and requires the ‘manage_network_themes’ privileges to see that submenu.
    In the ordinal aministrator dashboard menu ‘wp-admin/menu.php’ we see that the ‘Editor’ menu item is excluded apparently for multi-site configuration, see line 159:

    // Add 'Editor' to the bottom of the Appearence menu.
    if ( ! is_multisite() )
    	add_action('admin_menu', '_add_themes_utility_last', 101);
    function _add_themes_utility_last() {
    	// Must use API on the admin_menu hook, direct modification is only possible on/before the _admin_menu hook
    	add_submenu_page('themes.php', _x('Editor', 'theme editor'), _x('Editor', 'theme editor'), 'edit_themes', 'theme-editor.php');

    URE makes its work. It changes role as you wish. Only that functionality is declared for “User Role Editor” plugin. It doesn’t change anything else except role capabilities list. WordPress fully ignores ‘edit_themes’ capability under the multisite configuration if user is not the superadmin.

    Yes, URE does not support multisite environments, – but in that part only, that it writes changes to role for the current site only. You can not replicate role changes to the all sites of your network with one click in the version 2.2. But it will be possible in the next version. It is compatible with WP 3.1 RC 3 and it is almost ready. I should finish some tests yet before publish it.

    Thanks for your post. And excuse me the delay with reply.

    Thanks for your reply and your insights into the inner workings of WordPress. I just want to finalize a few questions that I still have.

    You said, “WordPress fully ignores ‘edit_themes’ capability under the multisite configuration if user is not the superadmin”. Therefore, URE 2.2 on WP 3.0.4 will never be able to add the “Editor” link to a non-superadmin; correct?

    WP 3.1 (RC3), “requires the ‘manage_network_themes’ to see that menu.” Will URE on WP 3.1 be able to add the Editor link to non-superadmin users or is it still restricted to superadmins?

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    1) Yes, we can not add Editor link to non-superadmin with URE help only under multi-site. ;
    2) With WP 3.1. situation is the same. ‘manage_network_themes’ capability is built in somewhere in the code, I suppose. It is not included into any standard WP role. Theme Editor link is still restricted to the superadmins only.
    And I agree with such decision. Really there is no much sense to limit user somehow if you trust him enough to give him the ability to execute arbitrary PHP code on your site. He can become superadmin with one step then. And it does not matter what other capabilities he has to that moment as via PHP he has full access to your WP database.

    How I can become superAdmin? I installed and activated this plugin http:/
    and I am not able to access my plugins now 🙁

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    If WordPress not found plugin file it deactivate such plugin automatically. Try to deactivate new installed plugins deleting them with ftp or your site control panel file manager. As it is written at ‘plugin-premium-package-manager-for-wp-networks’ readme, this plugin installs 6 plugins to your site. It seems one of them breaks your blog. After deletions of plugins try to access your admin dashboard and see if your have your superadmin rights back.

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