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  • Greetings from Norway; bear my English…

    At the moment, I am working with a one-user-blog for my dear little sister. She must have waysiwyg-editoring on everything.

    The issue is that I want to create a text-widget that prints a thumbnail of her personal image (using the user-photo-module. Any suitable would do, if you know another.) and the “Biographical Info.” All these can be wysiwyg-editet under her profile settings.

    This text-widget then appears in the right column with the title “About me” formated like this:

    What code shall I put in this text-widget, so that it prints these two things, from one fixed user profile?

    /Proper Ly

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  • I just discovered a plugin named “WordPress Users” which, since this is a one-user-blog, displays what i describe in the post above almost perfectly. The only problem is that it is on a Page, and not a widget.

    Any ideas?

    And; is it at all posible to use PHP-code in a text-widget?

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