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  • Is it really necessary? When user account is locked, user cannot log in, so will not be able it. Usually this will happen due to invalid login attempts.

    There is also possibility that other plugin will lock account (using functions added in version 1.2), but in this case that plugin should also force logout by calling wp_logout().

    Correction – in first paragraph I meant “… so will not be able to see it”.

    Definitely I need more coffee this morning…

    Sorry — original message a little unclear. I was referring to the administrator’s panel, not the user panel. This would be a handy feature for the admin to see the user list at a glance — the feature is built-in, but is not working…..

    Do you use other plugins which modifies user list, or somehow interacts with login process? I suspect there is some conflict between them and User Locker.

    Also let me know which WP version you use.

    Thank you for the replies. I am using quite a few plug-ins, but these are the ones that should be (I think…..) directly effecting user information.

    Custom Login Redirect
    DRP WordPress User Management
    Registration Form Widget
    Simple Login Widget

    WordPress version 3.2.1

    Do you check user list via Users / All Users, or DRP WPUM / Registered Users? User Locker integrates itself with Users / All Users only. The latter one is managed by DRP WordPress User Management plugin, and cannot be extended.

    Via the Users –> All Users menu option. It shows the “Locked / Disabled” in the header, but the individual user status is not displayed.

    Please install WP Developer Assistant plugin, activate it and go to Developer / Hooks page (plugin adds new top-level menu). This page needs a while to open. On it click on Show Filters, and then search for white rows with manage_users_columns and manage_users_custom_column in Name column. Let me know if there are some extra filenames in File column beside /some/path/wp-content/plugins/user-locker/user-locker.php – if yes, let me know.

    You can also go to the User Locker’s options page and uncheck the “Show single status column” option. After this you should see two extra columns on User List. Let me know if both are empty, or one of them only.

    If you know HTML a bit, please also check in page source if there are some values in this/these columns or they are empty.

    Thank you for the reply. Downloaded the WP Developer Assistant. Checked for the “manage_users_columns and manage_users_custom_column” — both had no extra file names.

    Next, unchecked the “Show single status column” option — showed two columns — logged-out and tried to log back in as a NORMAL (testing) user to get locked out on purpose. Logged back in as administrator — still blank columns (both).

    Finally, checked the html — nothing in the cells for both columns (both for the locked-out user and another ‘testing user’ that is not locked-out).

    No luck anywhere…..sorry about that. I like the plug-in, but it must be conflicting with another plug-in…..

    Hmm, interesting – it should work.

    Please do one more thing: download official WordPress 3.2.1 release (English version) and WyPiekacz plugin (1.2). Then check that following files are the same in downloaded archives and on your server:

    You can use Total Command for this (menu Files => Compare By Content). Files should be the same (I assume you do not have any custom modifications).

    You can also search all .php files (especially plugins and themes) if they contains manage_users_custom_column string (it should be present in files listed above only).

    Hi, i have been using this plugin for a long time, but not when the users gets locked, it shows in the login page the reason why… “user dont exist or user bad password”

    If i remember right, this plugin stop those details from showing… what options should i check to eliminate any error display?

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