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  • Hi Txanny,

    Back again 🙂

    I have a lot of users that create an profile, but don’t do anything with it. I think that’s a pitty 🙁

    I want to force a new user to upload at least one photo to their album.
    Is that an option for future releases?

    Would be great!



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  • In the current version, you have an option to upload at least one picture to the album if they want to see others users pictures.

    I added this for one of my sites and works well. Most users just register to see other pictures, and if they can not see, them upload a picture.

    But users will try anything… and will upload some picture taken from elsewhere. So, if you force them to upload a picture to see other users images, I recommend to moderate the uploaded pictures for new users. This can be done by removing the capability akuc_unmoderated from the new registered users role. In this case, the users don’t see other users pictures until their picture has been approved.

    You can manage this capabilities and create new roles by using my plugin Capability Manager:

    If you think it should work in another way, or limit more users with no picture uploaded, please, let me know how you think it can work.

    I’m a moderator, so i keep in track of the uploaded pictures.
    I don’t worry about fake pictures.

    I love to have that option. At the registration a new member gets a message: “Before you are showed in the user community, you have to upload at least one suitable/relevant picture”.

    Users only registrar on my website for getting their profile on the website.

    Would be great!

    It’s a nice idea to be considered. Please, can you open a feature request on tracker for that? If not, I will open tonight or tomorrow 😉

    Thanks for ideas !

    I’m thinking about this and perhaps could work this way:

    1. When user register is assigned to a default role (Not listed by Community).
    2. When user uploads a picture and it’s approved, it gets promoted to a different role (Listed role).
    3. If user deletes all pictures, gets demoted to the previous role, or one set on settings page…

    Think this could do the job by playing with promoting/demoting user role. Of course, promotion and demotion would be automatically performed by the plugin.

    I used your plugin Capability Manager and now I need to approve images uploaded by my weblog users. Can you tell me where to find a place to check these pics and approve them? 0_0
    I can not find it in wp-admin.

    Thank you!

    And another question: how it is possible to increase the basic amount of pictures uploaded by user (now only 1) for browsing pictures of other users?


    First: When a user uploads a picture who need moderation, site admin will receive an email with the link to manage it. Other way is to edit a user profile and at the bottom you have the link to manage the user gallery.

    Second: No, the plugin only requires one picture to browse pictures of other users. There is no setting to change this.

    Thanks for the reply!
    First: and if I got 300 users on my blog – I have to check manually all the profiles? 😉 Maybe it will be easier to add some link in “Dashboard” menu to show updated albums of users that need to be approved? (as suggestion of features in next versions)

    Second: But if my user uploaded just his avatar (it is possible to choose whether the uploaded pic will be main pic or/and avatar) – he already can browse other galleries, but he gives nothing to browse for other users.
    (and the same as a suggestion in new versions – setting to change the amount of minimum pics to browse other galleries.)

    Thank you!

    Well, If user has only one image, it is the avatar and the main picture to be shown. But the number of pictures needed to browse galleries, can be placed as a setting and I will consider this for next version.

    Also I see that a list for images that need to be moderated is needed. With so many users, it’s difficult to track every user that needs moderation. Also this will be considered for a future release.

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