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  1. LJagermaster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I was really looking forward to using this plugin, as the main aim of my latest project is a social blog, but as soon as I activated it, ALL the plugins from my Plugins page disappeared! Basically, they’re invisible. It happened once before (an incident which inspired me to set up a test blog), and turned out to be a conflict with another plugin, but couldn’t narrow down which one due to a lack of online time.

    Rather than deleting and avoiding this plugin altogether, do you know of any plugins it’s incompatible with (and especially any that may have caused this issue before)?

    Cheers :-)


  2. LJagermaster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've also just discovered that this plugin hasn't made an entry in the MySQL database. Resolving this issue the last time involved clearing the offending plugins database info, but now that doesn't even seem possible :-o

  3. LJagermaster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    This just keeps getting more frustrating! I renamed the plugins directory to deactivate it, all my active plugins are now being displayed on the Plugins page, but, only a small number of my inactive ones are being displayed...I tried to re-upload some of them, but it made no difference. It also appears that part of the page below the plugins box (including the footer) is failing to display. This is becoming serious because I've just came across a plugin I've been needing for months, but now I have no way of activating it! So please, if you can help, do so...thanks!

    EDIT: I've just checked the plugins.php source as a precaution and it is in tact, so it definitely appears to be a side-effect of this plugin!

  4. LJagermaster
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I think I've finally worked it out. There appears to be a "cut-off" limit regarding the number of plugins stored (whether activated or not) in the plugins directory.

    I deleted a couple of obsolete ones I'd forgotten about (didn't have them visible as after trying them they didn't do what I needed them to). Suddenly all my plugins were returned to the plugins page. I then uploaded a couple a came across yesterday (all of these are on my test blog) and again the plugins page was cleared. It seems if I want to upload (again, not even activate them, just uploading them causes this!) more plugins I'll have to remove an equal number in order to maintain them (is this a WP bug? Is it common on certain types of hosts? Or am I the only one this has happened to??).

    Anyway, hopefully there will be answer to this one day. But hey, despite this (painful) drama I must say I did like the plugin, but I'm currently testing an alternative to it so this could be interesting...

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