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  • Love this plugin, thanks so much, really nice usability as well as functionality.

    The main Users Profile page currently displays a table with 5 columns

    Nickname | Role | Website | Member Since

    Can this be easily modified? If I want to not show Website or Member Since column? Or want to show About Me info instead?

    Thanks again!

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  • This will be possible in an “easy” way in the next release 0.8. On this version, the users lists will be on a template, this way you will be able to set on the list more or less user data, and to customize the list format. (I’m working on that just now).

    You will need some templating skills to do so, but is the more flexible solution, I think.

    Excellent I am looking for these exact features, will their be a way to add extra field such as phone numbers and address?

    When should we expect release 0.8?

    Thanks again your plugin has been great!

    Release 0.8 will be available in some days.

    If you have the phone numbers and addresses on the users metadata table, yes, you will be able to use this if you code your own template.

    A ‘Sample’ template is provided wich gets the user bio from the user data.
    You can see this template code here.

    And the default template, with the format it shows the list in the current version here.

    Forgot to say. You can see a user list template that will be provided in 0.8 in our site:

    By now there is only one user, as the registration and access to Community features are restricted.

    I believe I’ve isolated a problem implementing the new user templates. I know that all the information displayed in the table is being pulled from the array $users. However, invoking an “echo print_r($users)” inside the file “userlist-default.php” supplies only partial data. I see the following keys inside $users:


    However, based on the code I see in the file “user-edit.php” there should be at least three more: user_jabber, user_yim and user_aim

    I have been unable to find out how to call those extra values from the $users array. Can you describe how this array is populated? Thanks for your time,

    -Dave @ WBI

    This array is just all info from users table. The basic user info.
    The fields you talk about, are from the usermeta table. This extra info is not supplied by default to save unneeded database queries.

    We were discussing how to display fields from usermeta table in this topic:

    Hello Txanny,
    Is this possible now? I would like to change the user listing but I do not see the template you were talking about…

    How can it be done?

    Also another question : I do not see where we have access to photo gallery? Is there supposed to be a link on the profile page?

    Thank you!

    Yes, there is a link on the user profile to the photo gallery only when user has uploaded some pictures.

    the file userlist-default.php is inside the templates directory.

    Thank you Txanny. I love your plugin, really!!!

    Also I added an field with Register Plus and I would like to sort my members according to one of those fields. As a matter of fact, instead of displaying the role of each user, I’d like to show what they selected in a select field in their profiles (I am a : Scripter, Builder, Fashion Designer and Photographre). If I could have 4 tables for the for different types of members, it would even be better. Can you help me with this?

    Also how do other members see my photo gallery? I can’t find the link to it for them to be able to see it.

    Thank you!

    Hi If any one can help with two questions:

    # 1 How to post user own photo instead of default Avatar images?

    # 2 what is the best way to protect the hackers from word press?

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