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  • Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    Sorry to hear that.

    The new user avatar a modified version of timthumb

    To render the avatar in different sizes.

    Is timthumb something that works on your system? Let me know if you want to help me debug this.

    hi i have timthumb already in my theme, updating the plugin to 1.3.1 breaks the avatars and a ? is displayed in place of image.

    i have currently turned back to 1.2 which works fine in my case on wordpress 3.1

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    Thanks for letting me know djkrimp

    I am trying to get to the bottom of this. what happens when you go to the url of the image? What error do you see?

    I believe it is a conflict in the two timthumbs that does not allow the URL to be rewritten properly,

    The URL gives “no file or image found” essentially a 404

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    That is quite strange. Are you using a windows server?

    Nope its a Linux server

    I could run some tests if you want? Just tell me what you need

    I’m not using timthumb.
    I dont know if this helps you in any way, but here is some properties info of one avatar in both versions of your plugin:

    Version 1.3 avatar properties: (Does not work)

    Version 1.2 avatar properties: (Works)

    Now it works.
    I had to chmod folders under uploads/avatars/ to 777 for version 1.3 to work..

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    @djkrimp Thanks for your offer to help. Can you tell me if

    Do you have a setup that is different from the default.
    especially your wp-content folder is in a different place.

    What kind of permissions do you have set on the wp-content/uploads/avatars folder.

    Apache needs to be able to write and write to it.
    If you go to the url of the picture that is not showing
    it should contain user-avatar-pic.php file and an id. the id corresponds to the user id. Is there a folder in wp-content/uploads/avatars that corresponds to that id?

    my best guess is that there is permissions error somewhere in the setup.

    Thanks again for helping me solve this.
    @sijo55 I am glad you got it to work.

    No i have a standard setup, no modifications.

    In version 1.2 this is the address of the image

    and in 1.3 here is what i get

    im gtried what @sijo55 and changed the permissions of the avatars folder from 755 to 777 still no Avatars

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    What kind of permission do the folders inside the avatar folder have?
    and the files inside the folders?
    Like wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/1300260234-bpthumb.jpg
    Do you also have this file inside of your install

    Cheers Enej

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