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  • Although I can upload and even crop an avatar it doesn’t show up after clicking “crop image”. The default avatar is displayed instead.

    Tested in Firefox and Safari with Mac OS 10.6.6.

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  • Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    I am hoping that this issue will be fixed in the update.

    I’ve got the same problem, even after updating. My Gravatar image is showing even after uploading/cropping and I’m not getting any errors.

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    What is the url to you image?

    does it start with something like

    Can you tell me if you have images inside your uploads/avatars folder?


    Hm, we’ve got our uploads in a special place (“/private/var/docs”) so i guess that’s where the problem lies.

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    Yes it might be it,

    you should be able to change the variable in
    WP_CONTENT_DIR on line 13 of user-avatar-pic.php

    to the folder of your wp-content directory.

    Let me know if that does the trick

    Good luck

    Thanks for your reply! I can’t seem to work it out though, even if I create a folder called ‘avatar’ and change the constant WP_CONTENT_DIR. On the settings page, under ‘Media’, I still have my uploads folder set to “/var/www/data/sitename/docs” – could that affect your plugin somehow?
    I’ve also tried putting “/var/www/data/sitename/docs” in WP_CONTENT_DIR (and keeping an eye on AVATARS_DIR so nothing should break).

    Hi, I had the same problem yesterday.

    I fixed restoring file permissions on my wp install (wp is running on a linux server).


    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    hi web00132

    I am not sure if you got it working yet.
    The plugin works the following way.
    It uploads the avatar images that is inside your uploads folder.

    to determine what your uploads folder is output what ever you defined
    WP_CONTENT_DIR to be. User avatar then created the folder itself. if it doesn’t exits. You want to give the write permission. by your webserver since it will try to write to it. best best way to check tat this set up is woking is to see if you have images inside that folder. (WP_CONTENT_DIR.”/uploads/avatars/”) alse the images are going to be inserted in to subfolder that correspond to the user id/

    if that is not the case for you the there is some sort of permission error. Try restoring them.

    So I think what might be happening is that you have some sort of permission issue.

    I hope my answer helped.

    Hi, i have very similar problem. Image uploads just fine, cropping works, but then it shows “here is your avatar screen” and booom there is a default wordpress avatar.

    File permission are ok. uploads – 777 / avatars – 777 and folder where should be croped avatar stored (folder with ID number) is 755, but inside is nothing.

    You can check my site here

    Hi, same problem picture were uploaded and inside folder but do not show up?

    Hi, this could be happend after the inst. of “Top Authors” but I deactivated it and still no avatar. pictures were uploaded and croped correctly, also stored in the correct folder, they just don’t show up. I even tried with version 1.2… same problem!????

    Plugin Contributor Enej Bajgoric


    hi yepps

    Can you check that the place where the avatars are suppoed to show up use get_avatar function. also make sure that the get_avatar filter is not being hijacked by a different plugin. :S

    I can’t think of another reason why this might be happening

    Hi enejb,

    Great work btw but not working for us either. We’ve tried replacing (WP_CONTENT_DIR.”/uploads/avatars/”) with the full URL. still no luck. However, we are not able to change permissions for folder “Avatars” from 755 to 777 via FTP. Keeps saying operation not permitted. Any idea as to the fix?

    It appears its not uploading any photos to the server. And it posting a picture of this instead:

    We’re on v3.2.1 (did not work on 3.2 either)

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