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  • do you upgrade wordpress to 3.4 version?
    i did it and the plugin returns that error!!!
    may be the athuor can fix it with a new version..

    bye form Italy

    Thanks @nextart. Where oh where is the mysterious author with his version that matches the latest update?

    Same problem here. Just updated to WordPress 3.4 and the plug-in is no longer working.

    same problem here, please notify me when there is a fix. Is there some workaround or other good plugin that could replace it temporarily?

    Same issue

    Any updates? Did someone find a work around or fix?

    I got a solution: I switched to another plugin. Cheers.

    I got a solution: I switched to another plugin. Cheers.

    Could you let us know which plugin?

    Please kindly send the plugin name. I tried user photo and it says the image has loaded but it doesn’t display in the user profile of the WP CRM plugin. If it is a matter of permissions, user profile and user avatar plugins have been set to 777, directory and subdirectories and that didn’t help. I thought it may be a matter of user level and set my test contact to editor and that didn’t help either. With the user avatar plugin, I also get a 0 on upload, user photo just says it worked but doesn’t show the image.

    Yup, same issue. Perhaps reaching out to one of the developers will help.

    I also switched plugins. I started using Simple Local Avatars –

    It functions a little differently, in that you do not need to crop the image, it is done automatically.

    One downside, the plugin will not use the avatar already used by User Avatar. A few options to fix this:

    • Modify plugin files… which I did NOT do, but don’t imagine it would be more difficult than changing the meta field save name for the avatar to the same name as the one used by User Avatar. Also future updates for Simple Local Avatars will need to have plugin files modified
    • Manually download all avatars used by User Avatar, then update each user manually
    • Email all website users and ask them to update their profile pics because you have upgraded your website software

    ^I would prefer not to do this. I brought up the issue with enej, hopefully he sees my message.

    Looking at Trac it seems Ryans modifications to trunk/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, trunk/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php, trunk/wp-admin/js/

    admin-ajax.php has been overhauled since 3.2.2 – perhaps user_avatar_add_photo_ functions need to be rewritten.

    This is my solution for the problem with User Avatar.

    I did NOT uninstall User Avatar and I DID install Simple User Avatar.

    They are not conflicting with each other on my site, because they take up different “places” on the users’ profiles.

    On profiles that have their avatar set by User Avatar, nothing has changed.

    On profiles that I’ve added since the plugin stopped performing properly, I’ve used Simple User Avatar.

    Interestingly, it looks like SUA hasn’t worked once I use it, but when I go to the user’s profile where I’ve applied it, the avatar I chose is there and not the default avatar, so it actually does work even though it doesn’t look like it from the backend.

    Eventually, I’ll switch them all to SUA, but right now I don’t have time to do it manually for all the ones that need switching. Once I get them all switched, I’ll delete UA.

    For now, SUA and UA are playing nicely in their own areas, so this may work for others who don’t have the time to delete the old plugin, install the new plugin and then go through manually and update each user who hasn’t figured out how to use

    Okay, so I was looking through Trac this evening and found a ticket by Sivel.

    In this ticket they talk about admin-ajax.php refactoring.

    In r19420 of admin-ajax.php the important line for User Avatar is 173

    do_action( 'wp_ajax_' . $_GET['action'] );

    r21071 does not have this magical line. Instead use core Ajax calls

    So, I looked at the Codex AJAX API

    Now in 3.4 how would we use our own actions with the new admin-ajax.php without do_action( ‘wp_ajax_’ . $_GET[‘action’] ); ?

    (Apologies in advanced, I’m new.)

    here the solution.. i tried it and it’s works..

    thanks give to juanmatias
    Bye Maurizio

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