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Very slow on large blog (with user logged on) (2 posts)

  1. mhartvig
    Posted 3 years ago #


    My site is running very slow (perhaps 5 times slower) in the following scenario:

    - If there is a category (which has a sub-category) in the navigation menu.
    - Eg. I have a category called say "News" which has a sub-category called "Boring news". If i then link to the category "News" in the navigation menu, everything slows down alot.

    - Only a problem if logged in as a user. if given access by ip (even same access), there is no speed problems - therefore there must be a bug in the code somewhere.

    Problem is related to the following filters (disabling them speeds up to normal - but shows menues to people not having access (still blocking page views):

    add_filter('wp_get_nav_menu_items', array(&$userAccessManager, 'showCustomMenu'));

    add_filter('get_terms', array(&$userAccessManager, 'showTerms'), 10, 2);

    - a little over 1300 posts in the system - 99% of them both in the sub-menu category "boring news" and the regular "news".
    - everything updated to latest version.
    - every page/post/custom page where the navigation is shown are slow.
    - backend is running fast, only frontend is slow.
    - disabled all widgets, no improvements - problem is 100% related to the navigation menu.
    - Running on a very fast VPS - makes it better than a shared host which then gives 10 second load times, but still 5 times slower than the usual "instant load".

    Runs at normal speed when:ยจ
    - not logged in
    - given access by "ip-address" (weird)

    Runs at SLOW speed when:
    - logged in as regular user (ip-address access makes no difference)


  2. mhartvig
    Posted 3 years ago #

    A little more information:

    - The page viewing speed is currently a little slower when viewing a post from the "News category", but runs just fine when viewed in a "less used" category.

    Eg. I can move a post from the "news" category to a near empty category called lets say "Rare post category", giving it normal speed.

    Be reminded, that the category "news" has roughly 1300 posts.

    My plugin settings:
    - Recursive locking is set (didnt help turning off).
    - Hide posts/pages with no access is set to "Yes".
    - Lock files is set to "Yes".
    - Download type is "fopen"
    - Writers access to own content/groups = "Yes".
    - No redirect of users, RSS feeds are protected,

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