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  • Hi Alexander,

    Your plugin works GREAT even in beta shape! We were able to set access to posts & pages to specific roles of users of registered users ( Here are a few suggestions to complete your work:

    1. Manage user access groups > Access group can display ONLY roles/users/categories. And a SEPARATE menu can be created to list the posts/pages of a access group since they are TOO MANY to list in “manage user access groups” link.

    2. Settings > COMBINE the option of Hide Post Title & Hide Complete Posts. These 2 options were confusing as they work similar. Possibly activating the Post Title, Post Content fields ONLY on-select of Hide Post would make them more understandable.

    And i hope a few others are under-completion, anyway just to note:
    1. Doesn’t work with categories
    2. Authors & Users link, shows access column but doesn’t reflect the access info.
    3. Why does the posts/pages titles are suffixed with [L] to indicate they are restricted? Its the most disturbing point.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.
    – Naveen

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  • Hi Naveen,

    thanks for your comment. Now to your ideas:

    The first issue will solved at the final version. I will make it more comfortable.
    The second point is a very good idea. I will make this.

    Now the Problems:
    1. What you mean with “Doesn’t work with categories”? Post categories? I should work with post categories. If it don’t work you found an bug.^^
    2. The Authors & Users link has an access info but you have to modify some core files, they are all included in the package.
    3. The [L] is only shown to the administrator, if it works correctly, to show him what he has locked when he’s visiting his blog.

    The new beta will released in a few weeks, I guess in 2 or 3.


    I’m really excited about this plugin as I feel it will be perfect for what I am looking for to utilize on my blog.

    Unfortunately, I am stuck at a point and can’t figure out how to assign users to a group. With posts/categories/pages I have a menu accessible to select which group I want this content to be availiable for.

    IN the “manage user access groups” menu I can only assign group name/description and affiliation. and in my user menu i have no way of assigning user to group.

    Can you please help in this manner.

    Thank You,

    Hi Jambeaux,

    is it possible that you use an other database prefix then the default one? Because there is a bug and so you can’t see the option to setup the access for single users. It will fixed in future releases.


    Alexander, I don’t know why, but your plugin works flawlessly for me – and even without hacking into WP core files. Amazing!

    Now, don’t laugh… I’m trying to figure out a negative permission – so that members of a given, specifically designated group have no access to an item (i.e., a page). OK, you can laugh.

    Here’s the scenario: I’m actually using it to drive navigation items (so, menu lists) and what I’d like is to hide a menu item once a user is logged in. E.g.: I have a “login” menu item for non-logged in users (redirecting after successful login to some member-specific page), but that makes no sense for already logged in users.

    (Perhaps that’s also why I don’t / didn’t need to change my core files, as I’m not using it to deny access to pages or posts or downloadable items…)

    Either way: you’ve created a great, great asset in the WP plugin toolbox – thank you!

    (In case you wonder how I use your plugin for navigation purposes: in conjunction with another crafty plugin, Mark Jaquith’s great Page Links To which allows for the creation of “phantom pages” serving only as redirectors, without actually showing any “content”, but which do appear in menus. No access to such a phantom page means therefore no visible menu item; access to a phantom page means seeing a menu item. And presto: a conditional, pseudo-dynamic user login state reflecting menu is born! And yes, that [L] is very helpful.)

    I understand your problem and I will see what I can do.

    I think I have this installed correctly but am not sure how to access it. On my “Users” page, nothing has changed. If I select a user, there is an “Access Groups” title below the “New Password” field. The text “Setup user groups” located below the “Access Groups” text seems to be a link (cursor changes on mouse-over) but clicking it does nothing. To the side there is other text that reads “Please create a access group first.” but it is not a link. I think I have looked in all the areas but can find no other evidence that there is “User Access Manager” except on the Plugin page where it shows to be “Active”. Thanks for any help.

    Hi traywhite,

    you have to go to “Manage user access groups” and set up an user group first.

    Bye Alex

    I am running Worpress 2.7. I have looked in all of the areas for “Manage user access groups” and cannot find it. I’ve looked in “Dashboard”, “Users”, “Tools” and “Settings”. The only place I see it is in “Plugins” where I can activate or deactivate it. Where is “Manage user access groups” located?



    The plugin will create a new menu entry at the top level named “Access Manager” without an icon (at the moment). The default icon are gears. I hope that will help. If there is nothing like that, you found a new bug.

    I have installed this using the patch files only, the core replacement files only and both the patch files and core replacement files and have never seen a top level “Access Manager” anything. I guess I will wait for version 2.8 of WordPress. Thanks for the info.

    This must work without any modifications. Can you give me a login to your blog so I can see what goes wrong? You can send the data to my email address which you will found on the plugin page. Thanks for your help.

    Just confirming that indeed, in a WP2.7 install, the User Access Manager appears underneath the Dashboard panel, with a separate “gears” icon, with its two settings pages.

    (BTW – now that I’m typing: that “negative access” thing might, perhaps, be solved in a different way: by allowing the definition of a group of members with user level 0 – i.e., visitors – to be granted a specifically assigned access privilege on specific pages/posts; that way, at least in theory, the pages that don’t have such a specific access set for those users with level 0 should still be accessible / visible to them.)

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