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  • I have set up a UAM group to login automatically as a subscriber based on IP address. When I go to the site from the appropriate IP address, it does not login automatically and I am unable to see any of the hidden posts

    If I login as a subscriber (under a defined subscriber user account), I am able to view all appropriate posts.

    I am using UAM 1.1.2

    Any thoughts?

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  • Update: I think this again has to do with importing a wordpress 2.9.x file into a version 3. I was able to reproduce the problem on a second server but only once I imported the 2.9 file into the version 3 WP install.

    I’m going to do a fresh install and copy the 31 posts by hand. I’ll let you know if there are problems.

    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    Very strange. It seems that something is missing at the imported posts. Could you look at the database and look what’s different?

    Okay,I’ve narroed down the problem. ( I’ve just done a complete delete and re-install of WP 3.0.1. there are no other plugin installed.) The auto-login via IP address seems to work correctly but the settings don’t work correctly.

    If I am at the IP address that should autologin, WP will not show any of the hidden posts. However,I am able to view hidden pages – which leads me to believe autoloin by IP is working. those pages then get hidden if I am at a differnt IP address.

    I’ve narrowed down the problem to one setting – “Hide complete posts”. The option “Hide complete posts” when set to “yes” hides all posts all the time on the client side even if I am at the set IP address that should auto login. the only time the poasts will show is if I login with user/pass. I can also get posts to show if I turn “Hide complete posts to No” (but leave “Hide post title” and”Hide Comments” to “Yes”.) When I have “Hide complete posts to No” the post title/post comments show correctly when at the set IP address and display the hidden text when at a different IP address.

    Hopefully I explained myself well enough. Very weird. any thoughts?

    Plugin Author GM_Alex


    Should be fixed with the new release.

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