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  • WordPress version: 2.7.1
    Plugin version:

    When I activate the plugin all non-admin users who actually have the right to write new articles cannot choose a category to post their new article to, because there is none.

    When I deactivate the plugin everything is back to normal.


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  • I think you have to set up the write access from “only group users” to “all”, if you want to use my plugin only for the reading access. This should help.

    Hello GM_Alex.

    I’m not sure if you understood me correcly. This happens as soon as I activate the plugin and not after any setting changes.

    Even setting up a group for all non-admins set to:
    all categories (viewing rights: all; writing rights: group only)

    Doesn’t make things better 🙁

    The viewing rights are at the blog, the writing rights are at the admin panel. Writing rights including viewing, editing and writing at the admin panel. But it could be that there is a bug. I will look for this.

    I am having this same issue. @flashbytes, do you have Role Manager installed? I do and am wondering if it has something to do with the custom roles.

    Other symptoms of the issue:

    • On the Dashboard, under At a Glance my “77 Categories” are noted, meaning WordPress is able to grab a total.
    • On a new post, I can add a new category and it gets assigned. When I open the article again, the categories list is blank again even though re-saving does not remove previously added categories (so it is only an issue of the admin panel not being able to display the categories list).
    • When I go into the categories manager, there are no categories shown, though the pagination links lead you to believe there are a lot of them, as you can navigate through several blank pages of categories.
    • On the front end, categories are listed and displayed normally on posts and in the sidebar. The issues are only in the admin panel.

    As a matter of fact: yes, I have the Role Manager installed.

    And I can confirm the “other symptoms of the issue”. Same here.

    @flashbytes, well that makes sense then. I am seeing similar issues with plugins like WP Wall, where the wall posts are being hidden as well…likely because they don’t belong to any control group.

    @gm_alex, I’d been looking through your files and it looks like a lot of the permissioning is hard-coded to specific roles, like “Administrator”. I went through user-access-manager.php and modified every check:


    …to include another hard-coded OR for my other super-administrator role. That solved some of the admin panel access issues I was having for those users, but didn’t seem to affect the missing categories and such. Do you have any other suggestions for making your plugin play nicely with custom roles? Thanks!

    This is also happening for me and I do not have the role manager installed (I don’t think anyway), in fact, UAM is the only type of manager I have installed (others are Twitter, Code Colorer, and things like that).

    I tried changing write access from “only group users” to “all”, but that didn’t help.

    I want it so users can write into any category, write public posts or flag a post as viewable by a certain group only, and be able to login from outside the IP to view those posts (assuming they are part of the group).

    All is good except for being able to write into any category. If I add all categories into the UAM group that is set up, all posts are flagged as visible by that group only.

    Hope this makes sense and this gets fixed soon…

    There is also an issue with images as part of public posts – the htaccess is making it so they’re blocked, but the containing post is visible to all.

    I think the empty category bug should be fixed. Please try the dev version to test it and give feedback if it works, but wait some time with downloading it. The WordPress system need some time (15 minutes) to update the file and I uploaded it now. Developer Version. I also add an new option to define the full access by the user level and not by the role “administrator”. I hope that fix the Role Manager problems. If this works the fixes come with the new release. I will now look for the other issue. Thank for testing.

    @dllm: Can you give me the URL and also access to your blog that I can see the problem live? You can found my mail address at the plugin page.

    Have anyone tested the dev version who has this problems? Does it work?

    Hello Alex,
    sorry, I was busy with other stuff.

    I just installed it and it seems to have solved at least my problems. For the others hopefully, too.

    Sounds good. If the other give me positive feedback I will include this fix at the next release.

    Two problems:

    1) I downloaded the developer version and created a user group for access to a specific category, but when logged in as one of those users, the user can post in all of the categories not just the one they are supposed to post within.

    2) I selected a specific user for a group and saved the changes, but then all of the users were selected as part of the group. So, I repeated the process and then it worked. Then, when I went back to the UAM page again and looked at the users for that group, everyone was checked again and I couldn’t uncheck anyone.

    I’m using WP 2.7.1 and the 0.9.2 version of the plugin.

    I redownloaded the plugin from the site and reinstalled everything, now it seems to working. Woo hoo!

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