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    After installing this plugin, I voted on the default ‘Do You Like My Site?’ poll that comes with the plugin to test it and now I can no longer login to the administration panel! Plus all the CSS design has been striped from my site and all uploaded images!

    Well, thanks for that. Now I have to try to figure out what’s gone wrong and spend ages trying to fix it.


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  • Plugin Author Tomdever


    You are beautiful girl pinkgarden, but that’s not good to tell lies. It’s impossible what you had written here, if you are not php developer you can ask some body to look through in code of this plugin, and he will say you that you are wrong.

    I agree with @pinkgarden. The same happened with my site . DO NOT INSTALL, IT WILL BREAK YOUR SITE !!! Do not publish plugin until you have tested it !!!


    Plugin Author Tomdever


    Hmm I think someone wants make some marketings on these posts.
    You can easy look in scripts and see that there is not any “delete”, “remove”, “unlink” or something like that php functions which will be able to remove your files and images, that’s simply misunderstanding or coincidence with other process/plugin.
    However we’ve reviewed that 100 times on 100 blogs and had not found such bug. We fixed other bug and added new features.
    Now you can download new version 1.0.2 of UPM Polls, for any questions please visit to our support forum

    Tomdever – you obviously know the developer or are the developer. How dare you suggest I’m lying, that’s extremely rude. The whole point of the plugin forums to is make people aware of issues with plugins. And the UPM Polls plugin had a very serious problem which needed to be rectified immediately.

    This plugin, as it was back in November COMPLETELY WIPED OUT MY WEBSITE once I installed it. I did not appreciate the fact I then had to rebuild everything because of this, as I’m sure gorbat didn’t either and probably the numerous other people who may have had the same problem but not bothered to report it.

    I will try the ‘new version’ that’s been released on a test site with a fresh new install of everything and if the same problem happens again, I will make WordPress aware and ask them to review it.

    At the present time, do not carry out any plugin reviews – not even by request.

    Plugin Author Tomdever


    Ok, no problem I’d be very happy if you install some test wordpress and test UPM Polls plugin, BUT if it will work successfully PLEASE add some comment here (something like I’m sorry it doesn’t kill my site). I am waiting result of your test. If it will COMPLETELY WIPED OUT your site just show me link to that test site please.

    @ Tomdever – I most certainly will test it but I will not be apologising. Your plugin wiped out my site and other peoples. If it does indeed work properly now and you have fixed this problem, I will be giving honest feedback. The forums are not here to please you.

    @ esmi – So even if a plugin is dangerous, junk/spam, has a virus contained within it, breaks WordPress terms & conditions, etc, you believe that WordPress won’t do anything about it?

    If a plugin is malicious (ie inserts hidden spam links, contains a worm etc), you can contact with the full details and ask for the plugin in question to be investigated.

    But a complaint that said plugin caused a problem on an (effectively random) site using an unknown theme and and unknown number of additional (and possibly conflicting) plugins is not likely to be considered a risk of any kind.

    This plugin has had over 10,000 downloads and a number of positive ratings. Did you think to try and contact the developer via the plugin’s dedicated forum over your issues before denouncing it so publically?

    Plugin Author Tomdever


    Ok, at first I’ve never made any fixing related your issue, coz I’ve never found such issue, you can even download previous version for testing. Here are all change logs.
    This was our support form
    This is our current support forum (we’ve added forum in our wp site).
    So we have always kept support for UPM Polls and you can easy connect with us for any issues.

    works good for me. thanks!

    woorks good for me too! i need to translate the ‘next poll’ button to portuguese-brazil, anyone knows what file i must edit?

    You should edit /plugins/upm-polls/functions.php
    line 255 and line 410

    Find “Next Poll” and change it, there is not other ways to do that by now

    hi Victor.
    thanks a lot. if is easy, can put this ‘fix’ on next version.

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