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  • The option to no longer support IE6 is something that crossed my mind as well – some time ago. Like a lot of developers I hate IE6.
    On sites where this is possible (non-customer sites), I put in a friendly warning to stimulate people to upgrade. It’s about time!

    But, to crash someone’s browser on purpose seems malicious to me. I wonder if it’s OK to actually provide a plugin for that.

    Just my € 0,02

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  • /signed

    IMHO: It’s to agressive.


    Well it’s not “malicious” at all to be honest. It simply exploits a well known bug in IE (one that still isn’t even fixed with IE7, but the plugin prevents visitors using IE7 from seeing the message).

    Take a look at the following code and tell me if you think it’s “malicious”.

    <script>for(x in document.write){document.write(x);}</script>

    I think it’s actually pretty good. If they find that their browser crashes, they might just get fed up with it and decide to upgrade anyway.
    I mean, having a website tell me to upgrade is one thing, having it tell me and then the browser crash when I say ‘no’…I’d be getting a move on!

    Sure, it might frustrate people, but…they’re the ones still using IE6…we’re onto IE8 now!

    Good job with the plugin, the only thing I can’t do is test it… *Shrugs* I’ll have to take it one faith that it works.

    @eight7teen: To me it doesn’t matter whether or not the code itself is malicious. It’s the thought that counts. IE6 crashes enough by itself, no need to add special code to your website. If it crashes on “normal” code, OK. Tough luck. But I find it unprofessional to add it with the sole purpose of crashing unknowing peoples browsers.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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