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  • Kia Ora!!!

    First of all I’m glad to finally announce the Final 3.5 Release Candidate for WP e-Commerce. It is now available for download from our website.

    The most notable new features include:

    • One page checkout
    • Customizable pagination for product listing
    • Tidied up the CSS (removing more in-line styles)
    • Tightened up security for digital downloads
    • A new tag system to display a product category on any page or post (great way to spice up your home page). To use you merely add this tag [wpsc_category=xx] and “Save” the page – xx corresponds to the Product Category ID number.
    » Download RC9

    If you spot a bug then please post about it with details in the new 3.5 bug hunt forum. If this version fixes any previous bugs that you have posted about then please mark those threads as solved.

    New Flickr Guide

    Lots of people have been asking for more CSS documentation. Hopefully you will all agree that my new interactive guide is better then a mere document. Thus I am very proud to share with you the latest addition to our family of Flickr guides.
    » View Product Page CSS Guide

    That said we will still integrate a style guide with WP e-Commerce as soon as time permits – we will also endeavor make more CSS guides for other pages as soon as possible.

    AJAX DropShop

    Due to an influx of downloads we have decided to keep the DropShop special going. If you are want an AJAX powered Drag and Drop shopping experience for your users then visit our BlogShop website for more info.
    » Visit BlogShop

    Your support has been nothing short of wicked!!!

    Thanks heaps,


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  • Grid View has also been updated.

    Yeah but your software doesn’t work. Maybe you want to keep an eye on your own forum for a change, lots of unhappy people. I smell a scam.



    You really need better documentation on customizing… the Flickr guide is helpful, but it’s not enough.

    Frankly, if there were better documentation on how to customize this plugin, I would gladly pay/donate money for even the lite version, as it seems to be the most integrated and most promising ecommerce solution for WordPress.

    The support forums for WP-ecommerce are also dissappointing — so many unanswered posts. I know that this is a question of manpower, but maybe you can get some moderators to help you out. It’s a great plugin (and I don’t see any reason to think it’s a “scam” as Microdot says above), but the documentation seems pretty lean at this point.

    Even just a list of hooks and tags that can be inserted into pages would be helpful.

    I say all this in a constructive spirit — I think it’s a great plugin, and I want to see it keep improving, so I truly hope it remains viable for you to keep supporting and developing it.

    I notice Mafusa hasn’t replied.
    A simple user guide is needed for this Plugin
    Shame as it looks good.

    Looking at the shop on his site he’s doing very well out of it.
    Shame the Plugin isn’t supported on their forums.

    Negative comments are only going to put people off using it.

    anybody know how to add specific product categories to specific pages?


    [wpsc_category=xx] doesn’t seem to work for me. [productspage] does

    The seems to indicate that the WP Campaign Monitor is integrated with the lite version but it throws an error when it looks for an addressbook it can never find ? any diea sanyone?

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