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  • WordPress e-Commerce Plugin Micro Update

    A new Development Version of the WordPress e-Commerce plugin has been uploaded here:

    Tomorrow once we have finished our testing we will upload it as Release Candidate 2. In the meantime you can download and play with the Development Version. The following enhancements we have been tested and we know that they work here on our two development sites:

    1/ Tons of new Shipping features added to Settings > Shipping

    2/ Paypal Fix – If price set to 0.00 it will then it will not get sent to paypal because paypal does not accept products that do not cost anything. If you are selling a digital download (or giving it away as the case may be) then it will display the digital download to your customer.

    3/ Tidied up Purchase log page added Actions title.

    4/ Added downloadable printable purchase log to the Purchase Log.

    5/ Product Groups widget is smarter. It can now be set to show just the sub categories for the Product Group you are viewing.

    6/ You can now change the price of a product inline without have to open / edit the product.

    7/ You can now add variations inline without having to leave the products page.

    8/ Payment Gateways that are not selected are grayed out and not selectable in the payment gateway page.

    9/ Variations. Now you can add different files to different variations.

    10/ USPS fix. There is now a form field in the Settings > Shipping page for shop owners to enter their Zip code. This is mandatory if you want USPS & UPS to work out how much it will cost to ship an item from your base of operations.

    11/ The dreaded Linkpoint bug has been fixed. Never should Linkpoint (please dear god) display an error message ever again.

    12/ Image uploads are now handled by the Flash Uploader technique. If no Flash Player is detected image uploading falls back to the old school method – this feature has in part been inspired by the way Facebook handle images. Check it out now you can drag and drop the order of your images.

    13/ 2.7 interface tweaks (yeah baby!)

    14/ The file manager has been improved for Digital Downloads and no longer shows duplicate file uploads. Plus you can delete unwanted files.


    The following items have tested by Allen but not by Tom. Once these have been tested by Tom (and perhaps even you) then we can upload RC2 where you can look forward to:

    1/ Customizable emails
    2/ A good thorough Paypal IPN testing

    Release Candidate 3 should be coming soon. This will be even better again plus it will include the template engine you have all been waiting for. Apologies that RC2 was not uploaded today – we tried really hard. Here goes for tomorrow.



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  • New update coming soon…

    I am tring to add items to my products list. I need to use the html tab to add an mp3 player and its not visible. I can see it for a bit when it loads, then its gone, also in the middle that is cut off also.
    Im using the development version wp-ecommerce along with gold cart.
    I dont now how to adjust the page so as I can see the entire settings. I have tried loading it in other browsers and its the same there, In IE there is a scroll at the bottom but it still doesnt bring that side of the page to view.
    Heres a screenshot of what I am tring to explain.
    thank you very much for any help you might offer.

    Again, I am still tring to figure out how to edit this plug in so it will fit on my site to be able to upload items.
    Im looking thru the wp-shopping cart plugin, see many things I could do but hate to mess anything up entirely.
    I would appreciate any help please… 🙂

    it should be a fluid width…what resolution are you using btw?

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