• Hello,

    I currently opened my WordPress account and have version 3.1. My dashboard showed that there was a new version of the “TubePress” plugin available. I proceeded to click on update in my WordPress update tab in the Dashboard but for hours it was unzipping and the update did not work. I noticed that in my Godaddy hosting account that a temporary file in the WP Update Directory for the new version TubePress was created, but the old one was still there in the Plugins Directory without being overwritten by the new version. I don’t know how to fix this. Please help. I don’t know why my automatic updates are not working.

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  • Recently, I had the same issue with the another plugin. It seems that the automatic WordPress update and my GoDaddy webhosting are not working together correctly to update files. Hum….I assume that when the time comes to update the 3.1 version of WordPress to another, I will encounter the same problem. If anyone knows how to solve this. Let me know!

    I have GoDaddy and find that in such cases where plugin updates fail, if you try again in 5 minutes or so it works. If the updates fail, you may need to tell WordPress that you want to ‘install’ the plugin again (ie. from scratch), however you should find that when you reinstall that the settings you had previously for the plugin are restored.

    Not that this helps really, obviously a proper fix would be better.

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