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  • Hello,

    I just installed your plugin on a freshly updated site and when I navigate to ../wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=reviews to create a “New Review” I am getting the following error

    Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘reviews_metadata’ not found or invalid function name in ..\wp-admin\includes\template.php on line 975.

    Line 975 of the template file is part of the add_meta_box functions and reads:

    call_user_func ($box['callback'], $object, $box);

    I have searched far and wide for a solution, tested with different themes, tested after disabling all other plugins and tested on a local version and can not figure out what the issue is.

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  • Plugin Author NolanD626


    ahhh! I know exactly what this problem is. I just gotta find it. There is a null parameter that is supposed to be passed with something as a callback. I’ll have a solution soon.

    Plugin Author NolanD626


    ahhh! I know exactly what this problem is. I just gotta find it. There is a null parameter that is supposed to be passed with something as a callback. I’ll have a solution soon.

    On line 147 of the reviews_type.php file change this

    function add_reviews_metadata(){
            add_meta_box('reviews_metadata', __('Review Details', 'unf_reviews_metadata'), 'reviews_metadata', 'reviews');

    to this

    function add_reviews_metadata(){
            add_meta_box('unf_reviews_metadata', __('Review Details', 'unf_reviews_metadata'), 'unf_reviews_metadata', 'reviews');

    I’ll update the svn tonight if you prefer to download the files instead of edit them yourself.

    Hey Nolan,

    Thanks for the update, this was the issue I was having.

    Plugin Author NolanD626


    Hey Arowls,

    Glad to help, I had stated that I would be posting an update to this soon and haven’t gotten to it yet, what pays the bills take priority. Next release will be much more stable, fully cross platform browser/theme/plugin compatible, and way more functional. Google loves reviews and especially in when they are in the proper format, especially microformats (the cool trick that show stars on yelp landing pages in google search). Reviews have huge strength when it comes to SEO, it’s a goldmine. Places currently shows my sites in “reviews on the web” by running this plugin. If you have any feature requests or ideas on how to improve further please post.


    Plugin Author NolanD626


    FYI the css file is way buggy. It’s okay on the stock 2010/11 theme and a few various themes but you’ll def need to tweak it yourself to be perfect with your theme.

    The folder structure of the raw files is labeled well enough to get it.

    I’ve been displaying the reviews in full width footer widget. Depending on where you what them you’ll need to adjust some hardcoded PHP in your theme. If you don’t know much CSS, Firebug and IE dev tools will be your best friend in learning what adjustments to make, just start with adjusting for IE first and the rest gets easier from there.

    There is a single-review file which when you copy it to your theme folder will display just one specific review.

    (ie. /reviews/some_1.html)

    There is also an all reviews template file which when you copy it into the theme will display all reviews on one page. Depending on the number of reviews you are posting, and your server power you might have errors displaying every review. (With netsol shared hosting over 100 reviews bugs out). You might need to limit the amount, it won’t be all reviews, but you can do a huge chunk of reviews all on one page.

    (ie. the filtered reviews page on yelp without a captcha and a noindex tag, except you run it on your own site)


    On Line 24

    <?php 	$args = array('post_type' => 'reviews', 'numberposts' => 100, 'orderby' => 'rand' );

    You can adjust the number of reviews to pull and also the order of reviews, by default this is set to rand (self explainitory).

    The other options are asc (ascending) or desc (obviously).

    Coming someday soon:

    Global/Customs Links on the Reviews
    Shortcodes (display one specific or a category of reviews)
    Sort reviews by query string or page title.
    Global Settings Admin Menu
    A whole bunch of general improvements, when I can invest more time.

    Hope this helps,

    Hey Nolan,

    So after figuring this out and getting everything working quite nicely, Yelp contacted me and told me I had to remove all of the Yelp review content I was storing statically on my website. 🙁

    I am thinking about adapting your plugin so that it will accommodate reviews from a number of different sources, and won’t use the Yelp branded stars and style.

    If you would be interested in collaborating on this with me, lets schedule a time to skype and discuss.


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