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  • Hi Donccha, MDA & honourable Automattic 🙂

    Looking for a way to import posts from another bloggin system (typepad in this case) without having to re-edit every single one where all kinds of embeds are stripped out during the import process, I came across Unfiltered MU.

    Now I do not plan to keep this plugin active for long because of security reasons but would it actually help during import? I mean, would it prevent filtering of post content during the process when assigning the imported posts to the site admin?

    Or do I need to look further? ( If so, any suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂 )


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  • I suspect it would be okay to leave it on during the import and it would work, however to clarify its really only a security issue if your allowing strangers to post to your site because they can post malicious code in posts, however if your the only person who can post then it doesn’t really matter.

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks, I understand that. It will be used on a Multi-site install where other site owners will live beside me (super admin)… I want to offer an unfiltered import (done by me) as an extra service to individual owners but NOT leave the Unfiltered MU permanently open.

    So after the import I will be disabling the plugin again. Which leads me to a follow-up question:

    I suppose disabling Unfiltered MU will pose the problem that when a site owner or author edits any post/page with filterable code in it, that code will melt like snow in the sun upon saving it. If that’s the case, Unfiltered MU would not really suit my needs here…

    But still it’s good to know it can be used for unfiltered import 🙂

    I guess you could do that but your not making your self secure because the person could just upload unsafe code to the other site first then when you upload it just bypasses the issue.

    Yep, you are right… That would be possible. Guess I should be looking of a LESSfiltered MU instead of completely UNfiltered MU solution 😉

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Better to look at the code that is being imported & specifically allow for it first.

    Hi Andrea, in theory it would be best to go through each post before importing but in practice… Well, you know… But I agree, it will be safer to allow only specific code instead of going completely naked (read: unfiltered) during import.

    Do you know any good plugin that will do that? On WP3 in MS mode?

    Oh, and on my side of the world it just became a new year so: Happy 2011 to all ! 🙂

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    The plugin above will do what you want – just drop it in only when importing, if you;re going to allow specifc code, you have to find specifc plugins for each kind of code you don’t want stripped.

    Do you know if it’s still working?
    I upgraded to the newest wp version and with that plugin on all html has been deleted from posts during import…

    i have not tested on 3.0.5 or 3.1 yet but i expect to be soon… will come back here if i run into any such problems.

    Hmmm… Unfiltered MU does not seem to have any effect during import on WP 3.1 in MS mode. Using the plugin Extended KSES gave me better results.

    I suppose Unfiltered MU only affects editing and saving posts?

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