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  • This is a very nice plugin. It has a relatively easy setup, and the player and playlist look really good. You write the title and description, so you don’t have to see those funky YouTube titles. It is a nice touch that the needed shortcode is right there for you when you create a playlist.

    It would be nice if the videos could be moved around within the playlist, but although there is an order number at the bottom of the video insertion view, it apparently has no effect if a different number is typed in.

    But the biggest drawback is that it is Flash based, meaning it is useless for mobile devices. It is sad that Flash was eliminated from the mobile industry so quickly, but it has been and we need to move on and start developing plugins and such that are standards compliant, which includes players that are html5 capable.

    Thank you for developing such a nice plugin though. It really looks and plays great on the desktop.

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  • Plugin Author extendyourweb


    Thank you very much for your comment. To sort the videos list, change the field order of the video for the new position and keep the gallery. Updating the list will have changed position.

    This plugin is designed to play videos from youtube and flv files. These two types of videos can only be played in flash format. With html5 player can not play these videos.

    Plugin Author extendyourweb


    With the latest update we’ve added support for mobile devices, such as Android or Apple.

    From a mobile device, the plugin loads a gallery in jquery that loads youtube videos through the device application.


    I’m impressed.

    I’m not sure what I missed the first time, but changing the number in the order box does indeed change the order in the list. One caveat: for me to move an item to first on the list, I needed to enter the number 0. Entering 1 moved it to the second position (Entering 1 a second time did move it to first). But that’s not a major problem, it works fine.

    It does now work on mobile devices, yea!

    You have picked some good breaking points, so it looks good in a variety of sizes. The aspect ratio on small screens looks a little weird as the screen converts into a square. But the only way to keep the proper aspect ratio would be to make the height of the screen really short, which doesn’t give you much screen to view, so this is just a trade-off, and it really doesn’t look too bad.

    Thank you for continuing to develop this plugin. It can now be used in all settings.

    Is there any documentation with this? Im trying to use it in instant wordpress but no luck. Also, where do I get the addy for the thumbnail from youtube?

    Thank you for this great plugin. Just what I was looking for!
    One question, though. Do I need to purchase the “full version” to see it working on mobile devices? Cause, by now it doesn’t. Do anyone has found a way to display videos on iPhone or Andro├»d with Ultimate plugin?

    I wanted to bump this post (and change it back to unresolved) because I realize now that there are issues with how this plugin displays on mobile devices. I did not thoroughly test this out and at the time I made the comment above about it working for all sizes and settings, and I was confusing responsiveness for mobile capable.

    Here are the facts.

    This is a flash based player. A Flash player does not display properly, if at all, on mobile devices. The workaround that plugin developer came up with for mobile is to have the player divert to a special YouTube playlist to play the videos. This kind of defeats the purpose of having the player in the first place.

    I am now testing my sites with the Opera Mobile Emulator. This obviously uses the Opera browser, but it seems to be a very good browser and I think it gives a good representation of how things display on mobile devices.

    On the plugins demo page:

    I found that the player is nether responsive nor mobile capable. I tested it on Amazon Kindle Fire, Asus Eee Pad Slider, HTC Wildfire, LG Optimus 1, Motorola Droid RAZR HD, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia Ray, and Toshbia Thrive 10.1, and on all of them, the player initially displayed okay, and linked to the YouTube playlist; but none of them would play it. They all displayed a popup window indicating that the protocol was not supported.

    Interestingly, the Nokia N800, N9, and N900 Maemo all did play the videos in the special list.

    In testing the player on my own website, where the player should be, it displays a rectangular banner with a title across it, and does not resemble a video player at all (no control buttons, no playlist), and nothing at all happens when it is clicked.

    On a closing note, I will add that I use a plugin called FitVids for WordPress that does wonders for how a video player (any player) displays on the screen. It causes the player to fill its container size, and makes all videos completely responsive. And it makes this plugin look and perform great on a desktop display.

    This is potentially a great looking plugin for desktop. It functions well and is easy to configure, and I thank the developer for bringing it to WordPress… But it does not currently work for mobile applications.

    Plugin Author extendyourweb


    Hi cscottb,

    Thank you very much for your post, its very helpfull for us to improve this plugin.

    We just see that question that you tell us. It happen if you open video with browser not with youtube app. (for example, or other kind of app to open video in your mobile)

    When we prove it, in our mobiles, when you reproduce a video, two options are showed, open with browser or open with youtube app. We select youtube app as predefined and works well.

    Now we have proved open videos with browser, and we can see that they are opened in youtube page for mobiles.

    We have proved with Opera Mobile Emulator and we can see that this software haven’t option to open video with youtube app (or other)and for that, you always see youtube lists.

    In conclusion, you can see videos in your mobile using apps to open them (we think that it is the best way but we can be wrong).
    We are now working to fix browser option.

    Thank you very much for your question. If you have more questions, you can write to (faster) or here.

    Thanks again!!

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