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  • Plugin Author Josh


    That’s why it’s deselected as default. So people enable it by choice. As a matter of fact, every single feature in my plugin can only be enabled by choice.

    If you don’t like the option… don’t use it.


    I disagree. If you look at the most popular plugins, you will see that the All In One SEO pack is the most popular.

    Combining many functions into one plugin isn’t an unknown concept. If you’ve been following the development of this plugin, you know that Josh had already modified it to eliminate loading many fonts which bogged down sites.

    I would give Josh an A+ for being responsive to user feedback. Just my opinion, of course, but I think the plugin is coming along very nicely.


    Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks for the support, Ron!

    And just to clarify… I also don’t like when plugins “force” me to use certain features or options. I prefer everything to only be enabled by choice. This plugin is designed so that NOTHING will happen unless you go and manually activate the options from the settings page.

    1. Just because other plugins do it, doesn’t make it right. As an example, lots of plugins enqueue styles using the action “wp_print_styles” instead of the proper “wp_enqueue_scripts”. This is NOT the correct way to program and just because many of the plugin use this action doesn’t mean you should too.

    2. I never said the plugin wasn’t useful, and I also believe its coming along nicely.

    3. @josh, I plan on “not using it” but it also has potential to conflict with other plugins that “add and remove” actions from the login page… making your plugin potentially dangerous to use and update with other login plugins. Why would somebody use your plugin for example, instead of “White Label CMS”? Seems like a waist to me, but hey, its your plugin, do as you will.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Haha… all valid points. I don’t really have a valid answer. But I’ll give it my best!!

    1. I absolutely agree. There is a LOT of sloppy code out there in the repository. However, I would not market anything to other people if I wouldn’t use it on my own website… and I consider myself to have above-average standards.

    2. Thank you for that. This is somewhat of a learning experience to me still. I’ve only been using WordPress about three months now.

    3. I think this observation can best be answered using a multiple response…

    a. Yes, there is ALWAYS a possibility for conflict. I wrote the code so that the functions are only executed if the option is selected. So, if there is (god forbid) a conflict, simply unchecking the option will prevent that code from being executed. This way, a user doesn’t have to delete the entire plugin, but rather just uncheck the option.
    b. Yes, there are PLENTY of other plugins out there with the same capabilities… but would you rather use two different plugins, or have both features in one??
    c. I believe there are a lot of WordPress users out there who simply lack the experience of digging through the wordpress repository to find features they may enjoy using. For instance, I never heard of White Label CMS before you mentioned it above.

    So yes, the custom login message doesn’t really have anything to do with tinymce. However, it is still a nice feature. And for those who didn’t know they could add a custom message, this will be a nice treat for them.

    Then, if they decide they would like more powerful options, they will be slightly more educated on what to look for. Lastly, they can uncheck that particular option on my settings page, and the code will never be executed, preventing any type of conflict.

    1. @sethmatics, I totally agree on this point. In my 20+ years of software development I’ve seen too much sloppy programming. (Much of which I had to correct.) I tried to make all the software I developed fast and efficient. In the past four years of using WordPress, I’ve tried to help different plugin authors with their plugins, which is all I’m doing here. I find PHP a pleasure to use compared to other programming languages.

    2. We agree on this point.

    3. I use Codepress Admin Columns for the columns in Post admin. There is a conflict with Josh’s post ID here, but leaving the ID number option blank solves the problem without a conflict. I think that was Josh’s point, i.e. that he tries to code without creating conflicts with other plugins.

    As for the White Label CMS, it seems that it has problems too. (Although the authors seem very responsive to bugs. That’s good!) But this plugin is mainly for those who are developing sites for clients, and not those WP users who are developing their own sites.

    Actually, I use a sandbox (local install) for everything in WordPress before I put it online. I can tweak it all I want and not worry about anything breaking.

    My only problem is that I stay on trunk so I’m always ahead of the current version, although I do maintain local installs of all the current and past versions.

    Josh’s plugin is working fine up to WP 3.4 alpha.

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