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  • I figured it out. In the latest update, all buttons default to row 1. You have to change it in the settings.

    Yes, sorry. New in version 1.7.6 is the ability to select which row each button will appear.

    Those already using Ultimate Tinymce will need to go back to the plugin settings page, and select which row they would like for each button.

    They all default to row 1 when upgrading the plugin. But this will only happen once. After you make your selections, they will remain during future updates.

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for all your (uncompensated and too-often-unacknowledged) work on Ultimate TinyMCE. It’s a great plugin and I’m grateful to you for it.

    Sorry if you’ve heard this suggestion before, but I for one would love the option to set all the buttons in one Button Group to a specific row in one go, instead of having to select each button’s placement individually via dropdown.

    This would be especially helpful in the production stage, where I have to setup the buttons each time I deactivate the plugin during testing, even though all my Button Group 1 buttons use Row 3 and Group 2 uses Row 4.

    Anyway, just a thought, and many thanks again.

    Hi Maggie,

    Yes, I’ve attempted twice now to code a button which will allow for setting all tinymce buttons to a specific row. Unfortunately, because of the way the options are stored in a serialized array, it makes it tough to isolate only buttons from group one, or from group two.

    Furthermore, I’m working on a drag and drop feature which will replace the current way buttons are added to the editor.

    You can view a demo of what I’m working on here:

    Thanks for your suppport, and kind words!!

    Also, if you load the default settings from the tab on top in the admin panel, it will assign all group one buttons to row 3, and all group 2 buttons to row 4. I know it’s not a solution, but might be a small time-saver.

    Lastly, another option I am working on is a way to export the current settings, which can then be imported into a separate installation of the plugin.

    Thanks for the blisteringly-fast update, Josh. Kind words well-deserved.


    My pleasure. Stay in touch!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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