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    I really appreciate the plug-in and that it is updated regularly, but the last few weeks the updates are following to soon after each other. Almost every day there is another update.
    I don’t want to update my blog every day. So please, collect all the adjustments and put it in one update every month or so. Tnx!

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    What the heck is it with people complaining about too many updates? I do sincerely apologize you must take 10 seconds to update the plugin, four or five times a week. I mean, that’s a total of like 50 seconds a week.

    I mean, if my plugin only added the date to your blog (nothing else), and I was updating five times a week, I’d understand. But this plugin is so complex, it’s the foundation of which the content on many peoples websites is built. I would be grateful, and comfortable, with continuous updates.

    Seriously though, my perspective on plugin development is as follows:

    Implement a few new features, bug-fixes, tweaks, etc.. and release. As involved as I currently am with this plugin, updates are inevitable. If I only released once a month, with a LOOOOONG list of updates, and there was an issue… it makes my life a nightmare.

    Using version numbers, and smaller amounts of adjustments, also makes it easier for me to isolate bugs with other plugins and themes when helping people on my support forum.

    So, that is my logic. Take it or leave it 😉 I do honestly appreciate the feedback as well.

    Lastly, it’s not always going to be like this. However, I’ve been on spring break at shcool, and have had some extra time. There were a lot of changes I wanted to make to the plugin, which I’ve had the time for recently. Once things get busy again, updates will become more spead out.

    Also, thank you for your kind words. Although you hurt my feelings 😉 You did it in a very polite way!

    Since I follow trunk on WordPress, I am updating every day.

    I see too many plugins which haven’t been updated in months. That’s not good for a number of reasons.

    But when I see a plugin author giving regular updates, that gives me more confidence in the plugin. I realize that not every update may be for me. It might be to solve a particular problem that some other user has. That’s okay. I might run into that problem in the future. It’s good to know that it’s been solved before I run into the problem.

    I would rather see a plugin author actively engaged in keeping his plugin current than one who doesn’t.

    WordPress changes almost daily and that’s a good thing.

    I would much rather test a new update with only a few changes than have to test several updates at one time with many changes.

    Plugin Author Josh


    +1 to Ron!

    With so many plugins these days outdated, not updated, and abandoned, boiker should be glad this plugin’s updated so frequently!

    Plugin Author Josh


    +1 to Mike!!

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