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  • Plugin Author Josh


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    I haven’t heard of this issue before. You might want to try the typical plugin routine to make sure it is not a plugin conflict.

    Hi Josh

    Turning off all the other plugins made this problem intermittent 🙁 Sorry I know this makes it worse.


    Plugin Author Josh


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    Lol… yes, it does 😉

    Let’s see…

    Other than the options you have set for the buttons group one and the buttons group 2… go ahead and make sure all other options are NOT selected. This includes the options in the admin settings and the miscellaneous features.

    Perhaps one of those options in the settings panel is interfering??

    I installed this plugin and then my visual editor button rows disappeared and all the ex in the visual editor turned white. I deactivated and uninstalled the plugin. The visual editor button rows did not return and the text is still white. How can I fix this?

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer


    Typically, this means you have another plugin which is attempting to make a similar modification as my Ultimate Tinymce plugin.

    You can either…

    1. Try deactivating ALL other plugins except Ultimate Tinymce. Then, make sure your content editor loads normally.. and then begin re-activating your plugins until you spot the one causing the conflict.

    2. A known “problem” button is the Style Select button. Many other plugins will make small modifications to this button. You might want to try de-selecting the Style Select button (Buttons Group 2).

    If all this fails.. lemme know and we will try a few other possible solutions.

    I cleared my cache and everything is back. Now I’m leery of trying the plugin again. Is this a compatibility issue with 3.4.1?

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    No, I doubt it… as not many people experience the issue. It typically is a plugin conflict when two plugins attempt to modify the same part of the tinymce. It will result in a “broken” editor… where the buttons don’t load and the text is white text on a white background.

    And, don’t worry about the plugin causing any issues with your setup. Even if it conflicts with another plugin.. simply de-activating the plugin will restore all functionality.

    So, lemme know if you need any help with this. The plugin will work fine on any installation… and I’ll be happy to make sure it’s working correctly for you if you’re worried about it.

    Just let me know.

    Thank you!


    You should be clearing your cache after making any changes. That’s the only way to know if the changes had any effect.

    To isolate the problem, you need to disable your plugins one at a time, flush your browser’s cache and then see if that solves the problem.

    If it doesn’t, then I would take a look at the theme you are using. Try another theme and see if that makes a difference.

    I have several test sites. One is a WP MultiSite running Ultimate TinyMCE with WP MS 3.4.1. Another is running WP 3.5 bleeding edge and Ultimate TinyMCE.

    I had this problem show up in the WP 3.5 site and it turned out to be another plugin which modifies the editor. I tested it in the WP MS 3.4.1 and got the same conflict.

    Deactivating the offending plugin solved the problem.


    Thanks, Ron. I should have been clearer. It was my browser cache, not my site cache. It was definitely an oversight on my part.

    I need the plugins I am already using so it doesn’t help to add a new plugin that requires I lose one of the other ones.

    Thanks, Josh. I deactivated, cleared my browser cache and all is well.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    Glad to hear it!

    Just installed it today, full of hope that it would make my posts pop. No such luck. Pretty well none of the formatting works properly. Bullets and indents are a nightmare. Line spacing is a crap shoot. I basically went back to adding all the html code for the post to look right.

    Am I missing something before I ditch it?

    Site is – the blog.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    Well, it sounds like your theme might be over-riding some of the options provided by ultimate tinymce.

    Can you provide me some specifics of what is happening… or not working properly. I understand it is frustrating… but nothing you told me is very useful in terms of troubleshooting.

    Does it display properly in the content editor but not on the front-end of the site… or vice versa?

    Does the formatting “hold” once you select and apply it? Or does the content not change at all?

    What theme are you using?

    Theme is JQ.

    For example, I format four lines with bullets, then want to go back to the left margin. Just like Word I would expect it to put another bullet after I hit enter on the end of the last bulleted line, but it doesn’t. If I try to make it a bullet it changes the line above it instead. If I go HTML and do a new paragraph, then go back to visual and make any indent changes, it removes the bullet from the line above it. Basically no matter what I do trying to use what would be very useful buttons if they worked just makes the text completely wonky. So much was going wrong I can’t remember everything, but I think even changing the font changed the bullet formatting. It was all very weird.

    If you look at the code on the blog you’ll see all the code I gad to add to make it look sensible, although it’s still not what I wanted. It will do for now.

    btw I have no other plug-ins installed.


    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer


    Hmm… not really sure how to respond here. I do agree a few of the plugins are certainly “wonky”. The “tables” button gets my number one vote of most wonky 😉

    I don’t think there is really too much I can do. About half of the buttons included in my plugin are developed by other people around the world. Unfortunately, many of them “die out” before being fully optimized.

    So, if the button is appearing in your editor… and it’s doing bullets in it’s most basic form… then that’s honestly as good as it’s going to get. I agree with you… and wish I could get a more “Word” type of functionality… but it’s just not a reality at this point.

    Now, please don’t let this reflect poorly on my plugin… as there are still a LOT of powerful editing options only available with this plugin.

    Lastly… if I do get some free time (yeah, right.. lol)… I will take a close look at this and see if I can make it a little more easy to deal with.

    Sooo… I’m sure not what you wanted to hear… but I do appreciate you coming by to voice your concerns… as it’s these forums I usually refer to when making updates to the plugin.

    Don’t hate me 😉

    Please let me know if I can help in any other way!!


    No problem. “Hate you?” Not a chance. You are one of the few people who actually respond. I was just so hopeful reading the promo material, so obviously very disappointed when the basic stuff didn’t work. Contacting you was just to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. Things like cut and paste and bullets are just so basic to any editor that I found it hard to believe they didn’t work.

    If you are looking at updating the plugin couple of other issues are that I could not find anywhere to revise the basic formats, again like Word. I wanted to be able to change “paragraph” to a default font and color. Same goes for fonts. I have hundreds on my computer but the selection in the editor is very limited.

    As to where now, there a couple of other plugins with similar functions, but their ratings were very poor, support was nil and there seems to be a lot of issues with them. Not sure how to achieve the “pop” I wanted.

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