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    I’m using the Ultimate TinyMCE in a WordPress installation for a web design client. Unfortunately, they need to use the non-breaking space ( ) to occasionally align elements correctly(such as two rows, one starting with 3.5, the other with 19 for example), and are not html savvy – using just the html view is not possible.

    Is there a way to enter non-breaking spaces in the visual editor, or to add a specialized button that would do so in the Ultimate menu bar? I scoured both the web & WordPress forums for it, and couldn’t find anything.

    Much appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Josh


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    Nonbreaking character button will be added to version 2.2

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Yay! Looking forward to the new version.

    Your plugin rocks :-). Love the fact that the buttons selection is so flexible and easy to set up – saves hours of explanations for less-than-technically-abled design customers…

    Plugin Author Josh


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    Thank you, kindly!

    I’ve already added the button in my testing environment.. and everything looks good to go. I’ll release a new version sometime in the next week.

    Thanks again!

    Tried the non-breaking space that came with the newest plugin update (thanks for adding this feature so amazingly quickly!).

    One problem – once the post is saved in visual mode, the additional non-braking spaces are stripped and disappear. Is this a WP “feature”, and if so, is there anything I could add to functions.php or stop WP from removing these spaces in some other way?


    Plugin Author Josh


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    I’ll need to dig into this. Gimme a day or two and I’ll post back here.

    I have two suggestions for you. And I know that these are not perfect solutions. The way WP changes code is really frustrating.

    1. Use a blank gif image for the spacing.

    2. Use a plugin called “EmbedIt Pro by SuperThemes”

    This plugin allows you to create HTML snipits that wordpress can’t mess with. You then insert them into the page with a short code. It is a real life saver.

    Plugin Author Josh


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    Thanks for that!!

    I was actually getting ready to get back into this particular issue. I’m thinking I can make a button which will insert the   space. But, I think WP might treat this as a line break instead of a normal space.

    Why, oh why, does WP assume we know nothing about content editing??

    I’ll be experimenting with this shortly… and will have some news to report very soon!

    It won’t work. WP will just strip it out. It also strips out the   which is the same as  .

    I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off. There needs to be something like putting a tag around code that WP can’t touch. If I was a programmer, I would write something.

    Like this:
       Leave my frickin code alone!!!!!

    Plugin Author Josh


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    lmmfao…. yep, right there with ya!!

    Could we not prevent this “stripping” by altering one of the custom hooks or filters? Or add it as an extended valid element?

    There are literally tons of tinymce initialization options:


    I kind of gave up. That why the EmbedIt plugin is so nice. It let’s me leave the wysiwyg editor in place for the client, but when I need to customize something for him like a table, iframe, etc, WP will leave that alone since it is basically using it like a server side include.

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