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  • Josh, version 1.73 has caused copy & paste to stop working in TinyMCE.

    I am using the latest trunk, 19998, and WP MultiSite.

    Highlighted text cannot be pasted into a post. At first I thought it was the WP changes to TinyMCE, but I deactivated Ultimate TinyMCE and copy & paste started working again.

    It has something to do with copying any text with an image in it. The image seems to break it. An individual image cannot be copied and pasted.


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  • I reverted back to Ultimate TinyMCE 1.72 and everything is working again.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hmm.. I’ll have to play around with it and see what’s going on.

    I didn’t modify these buttons at all… but it’s certainly possible I missed a bracket or something.

    I’ll look through the code and see if I can replicate the problem.

    Have you tried using ctrl+V to paste? Are you able to paste an image that way?

    I didn’t try that way. I would have to go back to version 1.73 to find out. I switched to version 1.72 just to get it working.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Okay, lemme experiment with it and I’ll post back later tonight.


    Some more info for you. I had the “cut”, “copy” and “paste” boxes unchecked. (I use the copy & paste functions from Firefox for that. And that is the way I was doing it before version 1.73 of Ultimate TinyMCE.)

    Also, I tried copying and pasting from several different news sites to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the site.

    But when I changed back to version 1.72 everything returned to normal.

    I’ll try to do a comparison of the code between the two versions and see if I can spot something.


    Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks Ron,

    Go ahead and give version a try.

    The google maps was causing some features of tinymce to behave abnormally. I haven’t isolated the cause, so I went ahead and removed the google maps temporarily and released a new version.

    See if this fixes any issues you had.

    I also noticed the emoticons were not saving and displaying properly.

    As far as I know, everything should be behaving normally now.

    I’ll continue to work out the bugs on the Google Maps and implement it in a future update.

    Thanks Josh.

    I think you found the problem. I installed ver. and tested a couple of sites. Everything worked fine.

    I’ll do more testing tomorrow and see if there are any problems, but it doesn’t look like there will be.

    Maybe this will fix the problems others were having also.


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