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  • Hi Josh,

    I really really like your plugin and even purchased the ids and predefined styles which are both great!!!
    Thanks 🙂

    There is are 2 problems with RTL wesites with the Layers of the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin.

    1. the entered div is either absolute or nothing. absolute is not a good configuration for this as on the website it appears out of the post… the attribute should be relative.
    2. on RTL websites there is another problem, the positioning of the div is from the left which is problematic as the Reference point is from top right. when the website is LTR the Reference point is from top left.

    Another thing, is it possible to make some visual areas round inserted SPAN. Once I insert a SPAN I can’t find it in the editor. It makes it very hard for my customers to use the SPAN button…

    Thank you,

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  • Josh has a support forum for this plugin here:

    You might get a faster response (or possibly the solution you are looking for) over there.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks Ken.

    Hi Simon,

    The RTL I’m going to have to dig around a little. I’m not real fond of the layers feature… but I had a few people request it. I think it’s a great feature, if working properly, but it’s not quite there yet.

    Reagrding the SPAN tag, the button will appear “depressed” whenever the cursor is within a span tag. I know these don’t “jump out” at you.. but if you watch the very bottom of the content editor, you will see what current element the cursor is on.

    For example, if your insert the cursor within a “p” tag, then look at the bottom of the tinymce editor, you will see


    Now, put the cursor in an unordered list, right on a list element within a span tag… then look below.

    span -> ul -> li

    Again, I know it doesn’t “jump out” or anything… but it might be useful?

    I’ll think about a way to visually separate the content which has been wrapped with a span tag… although nothing comes to mind immediately 😉

    Hi Josh,
    Thank you for your reply!

    I really appreciate you checking the RTL issue, if the position attribute could be “relative” to that will help make the Layers feature usable.

    I see what you mean about the bottom line to see the span and I see the “depressed” button. It’s actually good enough for me but for my customers who are not technical this will be very hard…

    So if you can find a solution for some visual effect (even during hover) would be really great!

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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