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  • I’m a new user of this plugin, and noticed the same issue: no matter what I fill into the lower and upper limit config boxes for the ‘Spanning between values’, it keeps things black…

    Basically, this is exactly the one reason I was looking for a tag cloud plugin 😉

    I can confirm this problem.

    Same/similar phenomenon with my Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget. Color spanning between values FROM #A0A0A0 TO #111111 – but on the web page the different sized tags practically have the same color – either: rgb(160, 160, 160) or: rgb(161, 161, 161). this makes everything a light gray and not different shades like I had expected. tag size is between 10px and 21px like expected and correct.

    This color spanning seemed to be working before the update to 1.3.17 which I am using now.

    Thanks in advance for some advice. Is this a bug?


    PS: For testing, I just tried to switch my color spanning values

    FROM #A0A0A0 TO #111111

    now to this:

    FROM #111111 TO #A0A0A0

    And it creates the shades of gray for the tags. However the shading is like this: biggest tag = lightest gray, smallest tag = darkest gray. I would like to have it the other way round, but that seems to be impossible because of a bug, possibly in function »calc_step(…)« or »do_utcw(…)« in file »ultimate-tag-cloud-widget.php«.


    Sorry for the extremely late reply, I’ve been crazy busy this fall/winter.

    I’ve found this bug also and it has been fixed in version 2.0 which will release shortly.

    Thanks, Rickard!

    The update fixed the problem. The color spanning works as expected now.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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