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  • So, to be clear – it worked again after going in and resetting the parameters for the widget – not helpful.

    Hello enquirer 32. may I know how u reset ?

    I even uninstalled and reinstalled but it does not work stil.. similar to you, the widget is a blank..

    My code is

    [utcw max=’400′ size_from=’12’ size_to=’50’ word_spacing=’10’ line_height=’30’ link_underline=’no’ color = ‘random’ tags_list_type=’exclude’ tags_list=’102′]

    This update also broke my site.
    Is there a way to revert back to the previous version? (I have backup files, but not sure if it changes the db).

    I simply went into the settings of the plugin and reinput all the relevant parameters – I thought this was sufficient. HOWEVER…it did break my site and I wasn’t so aware of it due to a cache plugin. Suggest you deactivate and find another plugin.

    Have installed CTC widget – works fine. Dump UTCW…

    Does CTC support filtering tags (I have two tags: one where a few tags are included and another where a few tags are excluded), this was my nr 1 reason to choose UTC..
    I looked through the documentation but didn’t find anything (haven’t installed it yet)


    no. it shows min/max (which can be more useful than one might think), categories, empty (yes/no). The questions is: do you want to show filtered tags at the expense of a broken site?

    I was able to revert to the previous 1.3.12 version which was working fine.. this also teaches me (or rather, reminds me) to have a test site to test plugins before updating..

    1.3.13 really broke my site and I tried reinstalling, etc. to no avail. That version is broken and I marked it in as such. Also contacted the developer about this.

    Still, I think it’s a great plugin and the include/exclude feature is a must for me ( to see why: the two tags have different meanings)


    Sorry about the mess, I will have a look at it right away.

    Any error messages would be helpful.

    Just uploaded version 1.3.14 which should fix the problem with the empty tag cloud.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting this issue.

    @joaonc Did the update actually break your site or did you just get a blank tag cloud like the other users? If you’re still having the same problem with 1.3.14 just drop a comment and I will look into it.

    @rickard, it broke the site (
    The two left side sliding panes didn’t work and only the top 3 images of the post showed. Maybe there were conflicts with the theme I’m using (a plugin called ProPhotoBlogs), not sure..
    When I get a chance, I’ll try version 1.3.14, although that may not be anytime soon, as the .12 version is working great and there’s no compelling reason to upgrade right now..

    Thanks for the quick reply, though!

    Thanks Rickard ! I can confirm it is NOW working for me after i did 1.3.14

    Working for my site

    Just updated to Wordress 3.4 and UTC 1.3.15 (from 1.3.12) and all worked fine. Marked in this combination as working in the plugin page.

    A bit of feedback: the “show title” functionality was new and was off by default (although it continued to show the title, didn’t test much, though). My 2 cents is when introducing new functionality, have the settings in a way that the previous functionality is maintained and users can go in and explicitly change it, as opposed to having stuff changing when updating.

    Again, thanks for the great plugin and the quick updates.

    Thank you joaonc for your feedback, I will try to be more careful when introducing new functionality in the future to always provide sensible default values.

    The new update broke my site!

    Fatal error: Class ‘Rickard\UTCW\Widget’ not found in /var/www/web130/html/zwhh/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 324

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