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    I am on a multisite WP installation (subdirectories) and I used Ultimate Coming Soon plugin while working on my site. When I disable the plugin, I continue to get the coming soon page. I even uninstalled the plugin, and I still can’t access my site at my main domain, even when logged in. How is it that the plugin continues to block me when it is uninstalled?

    I can access the site at (the multisite subdomain installation), the problem happens when I try to access it at my main domain name,

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  • Plugin Author John Turner


    Clear the cache on the caching plugin you are using

    My cache is entirely clear and I still have the same problem. Even tried deleting my index files– No Cigar

    I was using the plug in and input my own code. But even after disabling and deleting the code, it wont work. Please help.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    When I look at your pages code, it shows you are not using my plugin. This page ,, if you “View Source” shows it was generated by Fireworks CS5 Dreamweaver CS5

    I erased it by going into FTP

    I also erased the index.html files in the supercache folders.
    NOTE :
    I had to give the folder 777 permission and then deleted it.



    I have disabled and even deleted the plugin but it still active! It is showing a white page and the title which I entered into input field in plugin setting page.

    I have used this plugin on older versions of WordPress and it worked fine. Now I just want to get rid of it(Until bug fixed)!

    (UPDATE:Not plugin creators fault that plugin stayed active after deleting, it was the Supercache plugin which is activated automatically with WordPress 3.5)

    Do I have to erase any trace of it from my database?
    [UPDATE: All traces erased by deleting it from wp admin>plugin page.]

    What happened :
    It was working in preview mode but when I checked browsers where I was not logged in, (Google Chrome and Safari) it only showed a white screen and the Headline text.

    Is it a 3.5 issue?

    WP 3.5/Firefox

    P.S I will switch back to plugin after bug fix.

    Great Plugin, used it for many clients.

    Plugin Author John Turner



    There is no bug that’s just the way caching works. You just needed to clear the caching plugin’s cache. There is a button that says clear or expire cache.

    Did you purge your cache?

    Also you can tell if a page is being served from by right mouse clicking and viewing source on a page. Cached pages have a timestamp in comment down at the bottom.

    I’m having the same problem – but I dont have a cache-plugin installed.
    I’ve even tried installing different cache-plugins to see if that would help as well as removing them again.

    A weird thing is that deleting the Coming Soon plugin changes the look on the “Coming soon page”. When the plugin is installed the text is placed in the center, but deleting the plugin makes the text shift to the left…

    Does that make sense? I think I’ve tried just about everything, but it just wont go away!
    What can I do?


    Maybe it is wordpress’s automatic cache, which you can reset.
    or it’s in the htaccess file or maybe you need to delete the files related to that plugin in your database by going into you php admin, I did that, cant remember if that solved the problem…just speculation, good luck.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    If you’ve installed a caching plugin and did not delete the cache then even though you deleted the caching plugin it could be serving cached content. Right mouse click on you page and click “View Source” Look down at the bottom of this page and it will tell you if a cached page is being server and which plugin is doing it.

    I had your plug in installed. I designed my page and entered the code into your plug in. I disabled, then uninstalled plugin and the page wont go away. I cant get my regular to come up. I dont have a cache plugin and cant find that root directory he mentioned.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    I just went to your site and I see your normal site and not a coming soon page.

    The screencast shows the url
    I am having trouble with
    You see?

    Plugin Author John Turner


    This is not my plugin. Looks like you have a static index.html on your site. This page was created by Fireworks when I view source.


    “I had your plug in installed. I designed my page and entered the code into your plug in. I disabled, then uninstalled plugin and the page wont go away.”

    I deleted all my index files, so that cant be the case.
    I just need to figure out how to reestablish wordpress as the index.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    There no way for me to tell what you’ve done with out being directly on your server. If you’ve deleted the plugin then it can’t still show up. You done something else to create static page.

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