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  • Hello,
    Thanks for this excellent plugin.

    Before settling on one particular custom taxonomy manager, I want to make sure the one I pick is going to continue to be developed. I’d hate to do a WP core update in the future only to find the taxonomy/custom-post-type plugin I am using breaks.

    Would you please share what your plans are with this plugin? Is it still under active development?

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  • Plugin Author XYDAC


    Hi inspired888,
    I am currently fixing the issue and updating the code for a next release, In the near past i had not been able to work on this plugin, but now I am working on this plugin these days and trying to fix the issues and will surely come up with an updated release very soon.

    Thanks for stopping by.:)


    Keep up the good work. Even though it still has some issues to resolve before gaining operational maturity, it shows great vision in terms of its concepts and design. If you are as young as your picture portrays, you are way ahead of the game in providing useful knowledge-management functionality in WP.

    Consider this sequence of capabilities for providing automated support for knowledge management across diverse content:

    1. WP Posts/Pages/Custom Type forms/fields (e.g., across same site, multiple sites, Internet) >
    2. CMS >
    3. content indexing and autotagging >
    4. tagged terms list across content (as basis for informal taxonomy, i.e., folksonomy>
    5. term definitions across content >
    6. term associations (i.e., noun-verb-noun triples) from within and across content >
    7. directed labeled graph (DLG) models from within and across content >
    8. unified/integrated hierarchical namespace (i.e., formal taxonomy providing inheritable attributes and assocations) across term meanings >
    9. thesaurus of terms in taxonomy order providing modeled context of term and term translations/synonyms across content.

    Plugin Author XYDAC


    Hey royroebucck,
    Thanks for appreciating,
    It could be great if you could explain in brief the above points explaining what you expect.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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