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  • Hiya,

    Thanks for your work, best cookie plugin I’ve found, but if you could add 1 little thing it would be super-awesome and you would probably take over the world:

    Is there anyway to make it ‘timeout’? So that the message is on the screen for say 30 seconds and then if the user does nothing, or continues to browse the site, it is considered as acceptance and the message neatly slides back out of view?

    That seems to be the way most of the big boys are doing it – try and loads of others I’ve seen.

    That would be so cool.


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  • I’d always planned to take over the world via a cookie-based WordPress plug-in. Seems like this might finally be my chance.

    The problem with having this timeout thing is that people will potentially miss the notification. I *think* – and I’m not an expert – that fading the message out after a period of time doesn’t really qualify as consent from the user.

    World domination will have to wait.

    Thanks for the reply.

    But surely if massive players in the tech market like and, with their army of well paid lawyers, have decided it is ok to use a timeout as acceptance/consent, then surely it’s ok for the rest of us?

    Perhaps. But I don’t have access to their army of lawyers so don’t know what their thinking is.

    If I get chance when I do the next update, I’ll look to include this feature.

    Firstly thanks for making this plug in. Its simple but great!

    I second this request please. Perhaps you could make it an option that we could switch on and off and also set the time – 30 seconds, 60 second etc. Also if the user does not manually accept perhaps the warning could show on his next visit. Again timing out after the given time but once the user manually accepts then it is not shown to them again. Just suggestions.

    Also should users not have the ability to change their preferences later one. Ie should we not have links to accept or decline the cookie acceptance on the cookie policy page?

    I say not to timing out… kind of defeats the objective of the plugin i.e. that people actively consent to something?

    But that is my point – the law as it stands in the UK now means that you are actively giving consent if you continue to use the site after the message has been displayed. So no need for the message to be there the whole time if the visitor actually hasn’t clicked the ok button.

    I want to comply with the law (if I’m forced to) but I also want to regain control of my design/layout as quickly as possible, so timing out is perfect, or only displaying on the first page the visitor arrives at works for me.

    That’s a fair point but often I load a site then something outside the window catches my eye and it’s hours before I look at the screen again. By which time, the notification has faded.

    Yep, but that is fine with me. Not my problem, as such, if you know what I mean? 🙂 All I care about is not getting a fine from the information commissioner, and I’ll be covered from a legal point of view with the timeout.

    Let’s face it, nobody is putting these messages up because they think their visitors actually care about cookies are they? It’s just to avoid the fine. So we should be looking for the simplest, quickest, prettiest solution that gets us just over the line of compliance and nothing more.

    Yes… And on that, has anyone got a fine yet? I reckon I might see a cookie notification on 5 – 10% of sites I visit.

    Next update, I’ll look at adding the option to time out and/or only show on first page. Then the site owner can decide how to implement.

    Thanks a lot for this great plugin!

    I tried several, but this one is the best for me.

    I’m from the netherlands, and here are also not many sites who use cookie messages, but the ones that use them, also fading away, or they made a “X” on it to close the message, but i have no complainings, for me it works great now, and if in the future comes a choice to let it fade or not, i will use the fade but if not, this works perfect for me too, thanks again for the great plugin 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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