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    I’m not 100% sure that I understand what you mean by ‘update existing categories’.

    You can assign standard categories to custom post types. When you create the new custom type, you choose what taxonomy it belongs to. This may include any custom taxonomy, and the standard tags and categories.

    Is this what you meant?

    I think you have guessed it right. But let me elaborate anyway..

    I have a website that uses the 3 different post categories (the ones you create under “posts”) to update 3 different sections (news, blog, events). All I do is create a new post and select a category and it gets updated.

    Surprisingly, a few people in my organization find it confusing, specially when looking for order posts to edit. Therefore, I simple want to create 3 different Custom Post Types for the 3 categories that I use.

    I tried several different types of CPT creators but my 3 categories never show up when selecting taxonomies

    When creating the post type, there is a box ‘Select Taxonomies’. This allows you to select which taxonomoies you would like present to choose from when creating your post.
    If you have a category for Blog, you would still need to select that category when you post your Blog.

    I find however, that if I have a blogroll in a site, I prefer to use the code (only applicable if you know how to edit/create templates):

    $args = array(
    'post_type' => 'the-slug-of-my-post-type',
    'numberposts' => 100,
    'order' => 'ASC');

    to fetch my post information, and leave only ‘Blog’ as a default category. This makes it alot easier to create an archive later on, without using excessive plugins.

    I think I have the same problem.
    I selected the category field in the “select taxonomies” box for my custom post type, but when I try to list a category, my custom post type posts do not show up.
    I see that the url is’category name’ but the url of my custom post type post is’post type slug’/’post title’.
    I tried messing with urls like ‘/post type slug/category/category name’ but no luck.
    It seems that the custom post types posts don’t have the category meta, even if it is selected in the types admin.

    update, if I call the_category() for my custom post type, I get the correct category, also the count posts for the category includes my custom post type posts, so how is it possible that I can’t list my custom post type posts in the category page?
    please help, I’m going mad!

    update, I have to add post_type=’my custom post type‘ to my WP_Query() to get my posts, but in this way I can’t mix custom post types and regular post types, but that’s it…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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